Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Trevor

Trevor Scot came Monday night at 7:30 pm. He was 7 lbs and 9 oz. He was 20 inches long. Everything went really "smooth". (A blessing that Steve gave me came to fruition.) Thanks to my friend Angie, my mom, a great husband and partner, a good nurse and an epidural for the delivery! (That was so amazing, by the way!)
I started having contractions at 2 am that felt different than the ones I had been having the past couple of weeks, they weren't getting any closer but they didn't go away with stuff that I would try. We didn't want to risk anything either because I went fast with Zac. Angie took care of Zac, we dropped Jenna off at school, called mom to come back to Lexington, and showed at the hospital at 8 am. Anyway Steve, mom and I played Rumee, jolly rancher poker, and the name game while we waited for progress, then they broke my water at 2:30pm, started pitocin at 4:30, got my epidural in and flowing at about 7pm and had him at 7:30pm on the dot. It was a wonderful experience. All three kids have been so different in their arrival, all great though. Thanks to my husband. I love him more when we experience labor together. Every time it has strengthened my love and gratitude for him. It strengthens my testimony that we were meant for each other.

The kids were so sweet when they met Trevor for the first time and just love their little brother. As soon as we handed the baby to Jenna she started rocking like a little mommy. Zac was so sweet to him and gentle. You could see the love on Zac's face when he looked at him for the first time. He has asked in wonderment about 4 times now how he got out. And even though I was all about being up front with him on things earlier in life (when I was matter of fact and taught him his private part was called a penis, I have come to regret that!) and have no intentions of answering him. I just shrug and smile.

Mom took the kids to Madison Tues-Sat morning. That was so nice for me and the baby to bond and just be the 2 of us (Steve did take Weds off). I cuddled him and smelled him and enjoyed being his mom with little other distraction. What a blessing to have Jenna and Zac be with their Ma and other family. Thanks to everyone.

Yesterday I listened to a message from my friend who said, "enjoy this time". I am not sure if it's because I know the tone of her voice or what exactly but it hit my heart. I am enjoying this little baby that is so fresh from heaven, that smells so good, so little and beautiful, and small for such a short time.

Thanks again for all the texts and calls and meals. Now feel free to offer prayers because the kids came back tonight and "oh boy!" :)

By the way, we named Trevor after a dear friend of ours in Utah, Trevor Lewis. He (and his wife) is a great example of faith, generosity and joy. He is a great dad, an outdoors-man, inventive, and is very driven. Steve misses him. Scot is Steve's dad's name. Of course we love Scot and are happy to have our son carry his name. Scot too is a great man that little Trevor can emulate.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Action, Action, we want action!

For those that have been asking and baby action here. Though my practitioner tried to "stir the pot" on Friday, I have proven again that I have either stubborn anatomy or another stubborn child that will come in his "due" time. I am actually due the 27th, so no's just the end and I am ready. I am also more anxious this time. I think it's because I have 2 other kids to worry about where they will go during labor and delivery- esp if it's spontaneous labor at 2 am, also because I don't work on the unit like I had thought I would, and because I practiced as a L&D nurse for a while. Ignornace is sometimes bliss. Murphy's Law enters my mind.
I pulled a muscle playing the Wii last week, and then I decided that maybe it's not a muscle, but a nerve or something is pinched, so it's hard to get comfortable, esp to walk on Friday. Anyway, I am feeling better today and well rested after the weekend. Mom came Friday and just barely left. I am glad for her visit. We all love her to come. Thank you mom for being you. A great mom, a fun and loving grandma, and a great cook!
I'll keep you posted obviously on the matter. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

"How is your mom?"

In Utah there was a little girl that lived across the street. Her mom was pregnant with twins, and I think that she had 3 other kids at home. She was due in November and it must have been late October when I ran into Alyssa when picking up Jenna from afternoon kindergarten. I asked her, "how is your mom doing?" She answered in a sweet but matter-of-fact way: "As fat and tired as ever!" Then she jovially skipped on. Bless the heart, perspective and candidness of a first grader!
I am due in 11 days. I have been feeling pretty good, but there are those moments when I think of sweet Alyssa and laugh at the truthfulness of those words..."fat and tired as ever!"

The Next baby

I distinctly remember the night before I was induced with Zac: I went into sleeping Jenna's room and craddled her sweet 2 year old face in my hands and just treasuring up that moment. I don't remember thinking that my love for her would be less, it was just a moment that I will never forget. She was my baby and the next day, she would still be my little girl, but there would be another child. I learned after having Zac that the Lord provides enough love in the heart of a mom for her children. There is no division of love, just more is there to give. I love them both very much.
Jenna is growing up, such a great little helper, developing talents and going to school, talking about her teacher and friends and family. When she was little, we would do activities and crafts and go places. When Zac came along, life got a bit more complex, but Jenna was the oldest and got attention and was able to do special things while Zac slept. Steve was good to take her on movie dates and do things alone with her.
In the mean time, Zac is the baby. Very cuddly and loving. Content to be the baby. In fact depending on the day he will insist that he still is little! He will say that he is the baby, other days he insist that he is "big enough" for this or that. Anyway, Zac and I have been paling around while Jenna is at school. I have enjoyed holding his hand at the park and doing things just the 2 of us. I love when I don't feel overwhelmed as a parent and have time for each of them.
I guess I am not sure how to articulate how I feel, emotional again like the nights before Zac came... Hoping that each child will feel of their momma's love. Trusting that each child will know they are important. Hoping that I can find a balance, find the time, and most importantly find a smile when I think that I am failing as a mom. Just like after Zac was born adjustments were made and all was well. Now after this baby comes in the next days or weeks (heaven help us) we will again adjust and Zac will find his place. Jenn too...even me. We'll be ok. In fact, it will be just fine. We are happy to have this next little guy! He will bring a lot of love in our home.

"Come with Me to Primary"

Primary-For those fellow bloggers who don't go to church with me, let me give a little back ground on Primary. I am not talking about the elections or the colors or school for school aged kids. The kids at our church ages 3-12 go to Primary every Sunday after Sacrament meeting. There the kids sing songs, learn about Jesus and other gospel principles through lessons, discussion, and age appropriate activities like coloring and cutting and role playing, etc. I was very happy to have the experience as the Primary President in our Ward in Indiana. As the president you help everything to run smoothly and facilitate ideas, organize teachers and put into order the tools that the church provides. It was so fun, a great time for learning, and such a great spiritual experience to be guided by God to help these little ones come unto Christ and feel of His love. Anyway, now that you know a little bit about how that works, I will tell you that last Saturday a member of the church leadership asked if I would be an instructor in the Primary. I was happy, but at the same time, I am due in 3 weeks people! I was hoping that it wasn't the Sunbeams class, the 3 year old class. (Bless those teachers souls for their love and patience!)Zac is in that class. It is hard to teach your own, they demand a lot of your attention and your patience is more easily spent on your own. I didn't really want to teach Jenna's class either, because she loves her teacher and she struggles with being shy. I was hoping for her sake, I wasn't her teacher. Anyway, there I was ornery and fat in the Primary 2 Sundays ago, waiting for my assignment to be with the 9 year olds. The 9 year olds can read, sit still and have mostly been baptized, so they know the basics of the gospel! As I sat there with them during Opening exercises we listened to a 3 year old give a 1-2 minute talk with her mom's help about Jesus or something that I don't even remember, but I know that I felt in my heart and in my mind through the Spirit that the Primary would again bless my life as I served there. There were a couple times that Sunday when I caught myself tearing up. This past weekend, on Sunday, I taught the kids in my class from the manual about Joseph Smith and translating the Book of Mormon. They are so eager to learn more about spiritual things too, not just cool things at school and sports. Children are such good examples of faith and humility. I loved their questions and insight. I guess I am typing in gratitude that I am loved enough to be able to serve again in the Primary. It helps me to be a better mom and person. I remember feeling that way when I served in there before. What a blessing to be taught as I study and teach and to be taught by the children. Service is medicine for the soul. I hope that I can make the kids there feel of His love for them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fancy at the Opera House

Jenna was lucky enough to go to the Opera House for a field trip last Friday. She was so excited! She said, "the lights were beautiful, the ceiling was beautiful, the floor was even beautiful." She also talked about the fancy outfits the dancers wore. Below is a description of the performance. She had fun dressing up and feeling quite fancy and special. She was even able to ride the bus to such a great place in downtown Lexington!

"Lexington Opera House
Celebrate the art of dance! You won’t want to miss a step as these talented students, ages 9-18, demonstrate the styles and techniques of ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance as well as traditional dances from cultures around the world. Each performance is masterfully choreographed and accentuated with creative costuming and artistic lighting effects. There is no doubt, “SCAPA Can Dance!"

This is before school Friday...

The Wii

Steve's side of the family draws names for Christmas, and we all love each other very much, but Jeff is most equipped to "show the love" because he works at Best Buy. He drew Steve's name, and well a Wii with all the extras showed up in the mail right before Christmas. We all enjoy it, even me who dislikes most video games. I especially like Tennis and Mario Kart, also a friend of mine just let me borrow Wii Fit to check it out. Anyway, Zac is really good at most of the games. Bowling was the hardest for him to get because of when you have to move your arm and release the trigger. Anyway, I got a little clip of him and a Strike. He plays while I clean or make lunch. He is pretty fun and easy to make smile. He is quite proud of himself.