Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Today my baby is 1 year old. I remember very well the moment that he was born- when I saw him I remember saying, "he's perfect!" I held him right away, cuddling him to my chest and looking at him inches from his sweet little furrowed brow. I immediately had feelings of adoration for that sweet baby boy. I suppose that is the love of a mother: unconditional and immediate.
I love the way it feels when I hold him. I wish there was a picture of me holding him that would convey the way it feels. It is hard to describe, isn't it? I love to be close to his sweet cheeks and long eyelashes. I hope that he will one day know the joy and comfort that he has brought to me. I consider Trevor a tender mercy of the Lord and a testament of His love for me.
We all love Trevor. He is such a fun, happy boy.
It is fun to have him running around the house, seeking out balls of any variety. He is always on the lookout for something to put in his mouth. He loves when he can get up the stairs, and he double loves playing with the kids. He likes bedtime and his fleece blankets. He loves the dog (and her bowls). He likes to eat, blueberries may be his favorite food. He likes to be read to, and he will bounce when he hears music. He is very loved by his brother and sister, he looks for them in the morning when I bring him downstairs. He always has a smile for his family.

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy.

Smile at 5 weeks, rolling at 4 months, teeth at 5 months, army crawling at 6, crawling at 7, pulling up at 8, first steps at 9 months, walking preferred over crawling at 10, running at 12. So fun! Trevor's first word was ball. He also says "tis", which is "what's this?" He mimics lots of noises; says "mama" and "dada" but not always correctly. He will give you a kiss when he wants and waves byebye.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentimes, I mean Valentine's Boxes

Tonight we made the Valentine Boxes for school. This has become a fun tradition. (It's too bad that the video is so dark.)

Happy notes

Zac has had some rough moments at preschool and has had sent home some "bad notes" pinned on his backpack. These notes triggered unhappiness, time outs, lack of privileges, and tears. I decided that a conference was probably in order (seeing as how at this preschool you drop off and pick up the kids via a line-system, and so I don't see the teachers much). I typed up some of my thoughts, in effort to get a better picture of Zac at preschool... I then saved it in the draft inbox.

Zac has always been an active boy with selective hearing at times...and I am the first to tell you he is, by no means, perfect. I would even say that he is a challenge for the the impatient and patient alike, and for those that seek serenity and stillness. I feel fortunate (as am sure that you are grateful too) that I am not one of those parents that think that their kids are genius and flawless. I can say however that Zac has a good heart, he is not a mean child, and he is eager to make you smile and brings a lot of joy to us. He is a witty, funny, crazy, active and a typically sweet character!

I never sent the letter and decided that we should talk in person so as not to leave any interpretation up in the air. You know how typed words are harder to interpret..."well that was sarcastic...she must hate me...etc". The very day that I was going to set up an appointment, Zac got a happy note! I cannot tell you his happiness...and I know that with Zac, positive reinforcement is the key. 2 happy notes that made us so happy for him! We still will talk so that we can continue to work on things at home, but receiving a happy note was so nice for all of us! I wonder if that teacher knows how good it feels to receive positive feedback. We sure appreciated her taking the time to jot a couple of nice notes!

I guess the point of the post is that #1. I have proof that there are truly great days that make me, and esp Zac smile when he gets in the van after school! and #2. That positive reinforcement goes a long way!...and #3 if you pick your nose it may bleed!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Eat, play games and talk.

Stuff we know we like. I often times feel like Steve and I want to be together and say to ourselves "if we had more time together then we would xyz"...Well what is xyz? We have been thinking lately what we enjoy as individuals, and as a couple, and as a family. One thing we know we like is eating, going for a ride, a place where the kids can have fun, and something that is fun and relaxing. We woke up yesterday and planned a last minute get away to Madison. Upon finding that Buddy and Carrie would generously take our company, and mom would be available too, we went on up to Indiana after church. We had a great time. We got a red box movie and ate on the way. Steve and I talked without the TV or computer in front of one of our faces. Then we got to Buddy's where all the kids played and had a blast. We visited, ate, and broke out Rock Band (that we didn't play nearly long enough because time ran out and so did the kids' ability to cope.) The food was delicious and my diet and I even broke up for apple pie and ice cream (we already were not on good terms). On the way home, we decided...now that is what we like to do as a family. Eat, play games and talk.

This is a pic of the kids when we could get them to take a break and sit for a minute...

Playing in the snow

We received, truly, our first real snow since we've moved here over a year ago. We have had flurries and ice, but nothing that ever really stuck or was deep enough. Even though it was way too cold (wind chill 0), I bundled up Jenna and Zac and let them go out in the back and play with their snow tubes and create their very own snot-cicles. They thought it was very fun. "This is so awesome!" It is always fun to see them having a great time. Steve was bummed that he wasn't home to push them down the hill for a little extra speed. The video is courtesy my phone...but you get the idea.