Saturday, September 29, 2012 the front yard

 Earlier in the summer I made a list of things that I wanted to do with the kids, one thing  was that we go camping. Another thing that I have wanted to do as soon as the weather got a little cooler at night, was have a fire in the fire pit. Because it wasn't my weekend to work, I was determined to have some fun with the kids. Life is just better when we make time to break the routine and have fun. We set up the tent in the front yard, ate dinner around the fire, then made smores. After that we talked around the fire until Steve and Gage went in the house.
 Zac, Jenna, TR and I blew up the air mattresses and snuggled into our sleeping bags in the tent. TR didn't last long, he was a little chicken- Steve inadvertently scared him when he came out to check on us. It was a good thing that he went in anyway because the neighbor made it fun by scaring the kids a couple of times. All three of us slept on the queen mattress, the twin was vacant, but they insisted they weren't scared to sleep outside.
 They had a lot of fun, we made it all night. I actually slept pretty goods.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A pic

This is all I have of picture day. Zac was exceptionally grumpy, and refused a picture. I caught Jenna and Cambelle on their way to the bus stop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trevor goes to preschool

I just love Trevor! How can you look at that smile and resist?
Well, actually he is not always a doll, but he is a pretty fun boy.
 He has a great little imagination and a love for life. He is a resilient little guy. He has his fair share of tears, but is pretty quick to smile and eager to please.
 He is like the middle child. Maybe once Gage grows up a bit more, they will play nice. They are only 19 months apart, but the gap feels big right now.
I am glad that the big kids are back in school, and that he now has something for himself- preschool at Mrs Cheryl's!
 He started last week. I am proud that he has the peeing AND pooping in the potty down. Still working on the wiping, but he has made BIG strides in the past month. My little guy is growing up.
  Because of the success in the john, he was able to pick out the backpack he wanted for school. he hand picked his backpack from Target. He loved his backpack and so did Gage. I was pretty happy too because it was on clearance. I used to be embarrassed that my kids like Sponge Bob. Sesame street, Mickey,or Caliou would be more "wholesome", but hey- Sponge Bob is a good guy. He doesn't make fun of others; he is a good friend; he is happy, and a hard worker. Not bad, not bad at all.
 Anyway, he is liking school and thrilled with what they do there 3 days a week from 12:15-2:45pm. I think that he likes it because it is finally something for him. Maybe not, but whatever it is; he is happy. Me too- It is Gage's nap time, so I can study or nap if I work that night.
I wish that he could have my mom as a preschool teacher. She would love having him, I know. He would love her too. Everyone does. It's been almost 7 months since my kids and mom have seen each other. It is in these times, that I long for home and for my kids to grow up around those that I love so much. We will be getting our "Maw- fix" in October though. Mom will be here for Gage's second birthday. YAY!

 Mrs Cheryl is a member at our church. She lives down the hill and through the neighbor's yard. A quick walk for now. Our neighbor across the street goes too. His mom takes the boys, and I pick up/walk and get them. Mrs Cheryl has been a teacher in her home for 17 years. She is a good lady, that is organized and has fun things planned for the kids.

Sponge Bob backpack

About to walk to Mrs Cheryl's

Trevor and Mrs Cheryl


Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun 'round here


Just because he makes me smile....

On the hammock in the backyard

Learning the monkey bars

Funny face

Bananagrams with Zac

Water time

Playin' with our friends from Oklahoma

Look who thinks he figured out the lock...he is so cute!

Shoe shopping- obsessed with shoes. Gage took them off shelves if he could reach and tried anything on.

Just 'cause TR is cute

Splash pad impromtu- minus pants

My boys without the big kids. While the big kids are away, the little ones will play.

Zoo Trip on Labor day. gage loved the animals!

Cooling off at the zoo

Zac turns 7!

Happy Birthday!

Zac decided that for his birthday he just wanted to be with the family and go to Chuck E Cheeze's. He also requested breakfast in bed. (I remember when the kids/Steve brought me breakfast in bed once, Zac thought it was so cool!)
 That morning, I brought down breakfast for him and a card that I wrote to him. I told him that he has a golden heart...he liked that. We talked while he ate, then he got dressed and was off to school.

In the morning the little boys and I were on a mission to make a Lego table for Zac out of a hand-me-down computer desk. We bought used Legos and glued the plates down to the desk. It was ready when he got home from school. He loved it! He didn't even take off his back pack to start playing.

 He then opened gifts from family. He got money from Paw and Regina, and Grandma Julene and Grandad. Mom sent him a skate board and a new comforter to sleep with.

He knew that he wanted to use his money to buy a bow and target to take hunting with his daddy next weekend.
 That evening we went to Chuck E Cheese, ate pizza as a family and the kids played games with 100 coins divided 4 ways. Christian came with Lil' Christian, Kaiden and Reagy. That was a fun surprise for my kids. After the coins were gone we came home and had ice cream and cake. It was a fun day!

Zac got an awesome race track from Lis and Christian that Steve and Zac put together the following night- it was a big hit!

Saturday, Zac was excited to go with Steve and pick out his bow. They have been out to shoot a couple of times. I went outside with Zac once and supervised/watched. He is pretty good.

Happy Birthday, Zacy. Birthdays only come once a year, we are happy to celebrate you. Thank you to all of our family that sends cards, wishes and even gifts. I think he felt special.