Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gage Thomas

I love this boy. I caught a smile after a yawn. I just want to eat him up! Love his dimple!
Gage is 15 days old. Yesterday he was 9 lb 15 oz. 21.5 inches.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

The day we were waiting for the call for the induction, we went over to Winco Foods and checked out the pumpkins. We got 100 pounds of pumpkins for $8! 8 cents a lb. We were thrilled. They can be so expensive! I felt like stopping a woman the other day who was about to spend 18 cents a pound at a grocery store, but I was not so obnoxious as to do that.
We carved them while mom was here.
Jenna drew and carved her own with minimal assistance. I love the faces she makes when she is working hard!
Zac has grown up some, wanting to have less grown-up help. He picked the idea for the face and had only some help with carving.
Trev was a wreck after nap so he allowed for very little assistance and so his pumpkin remains mouthless. He also insisted that the pumpkin guts "hurt". translated: "I don't like this cold stuff on my hands. Gross!"
I did the cat and Steve did his traditional goofy face.
Who thought of pumpkin carving? What a great idea. Love this tradition!

Zac Goes to Pumpkinland

Zac did go to Pumpkin land last Friday. Mom was a chaperone and that was awesome for Zac. He was thrilled to have her. Jenna went the first week of October, but I didn't go and don't have pictures of her fun time.
This Pumpkinland is just about a block from the school so they take a walking field trip to this place.
I love the Fall and all the festivities. With Gage's arrival and prior to that, my hugeness, we didn't indulge much this Fall. Apparently there are a few great pumpkin patches close by that although cost an arm and a leg are something to look forward to next year.
Going to pumpkin patches/petting zoos has been a tradition since Jenna was a baby. I am glad that Jenna and Zac got to go this year at least with their classes.

Looks like fun!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jenna's "sugar bugs"

At the end of September, we found a great pediatric dentist for the kids. We knew Jenna would need some dental work because she was unable to get it done in Kentucky before we left. This dentist was awesome. I really liked him and the staff. After the initial evaluation, Jenna has had 2 appointments with conscious sedation that were successful. She was so funny when the medication was kicking in, and once she was sedated, she was so good for the dentist. With conscious sedation you still have to cooperate and are able to respond to instructions. She did great. I am glad that she wasn't an angry drunk as he said sometimes happens. In fact the first appointment was like the waiting room on Finding Nemo. There was a boy screaming loud! Jenna was like, "Ummm...mommy?!" But she was brave, and the sedation was good for her. The doctor praised her and was terrific with her. He was pleased that he was able to do a good job.
She had an extraction from an abscessed baby tooth. She had some fillings and a permanent retainer placed and her molars sealed.
When we first found out that Jenna was in need of dental work, I felt like a failure- like I had done her a real disservice. But, I got over myself, and we have made major strides in the last year or so with dental hygiene- now we get little resistance from the kids to brush with Hello Kitty and Spiderman at least twice a day. They know the importance of brushing away those sugar bugs and using a fluoride mouthwash (Smart Rinse is fun. They like to see the gross stuff they didn't get when they brushed. Yuck!) Now we need to tackle flossing on a regular basis. Ugg!

This is a picture after her first appointment. She enjoyed being queen of the family room and ruler over the TV that day, as well as missing school. But she wouldn't just close her eyes and sleep!

This is a picture with her "strawberry nose" and sunglasses during her procedure.

Monday, October 25, 2010


"There's just nothing like your mom." Isn't that true? I can be myself with mom. She doesn't care that the toilets are gross, and that I have a junk closet, and the kids clothes drawers have no method to them. She loves my kids unconditionally. I don't worry that I am putting her out. You can tell she just loves the kids. She rocked the baby in the middle of the night when I knew he wasn't hungry or poopy, but I knew I was exhausted. She walked the kids to the bus stop and was proud to be their Grandma. She went on a field trip with Zac. (He was so proud! "This beautiful lady is my Ma") She rocked and rocked and rocked Gage. She played blocks with Trev and danced in the kitchen with him. She read a million books or the same books a million times. She did my laundry...who knows how many loads. She did the dishes everyday, every meal. She cooked for us and spoiled us. She made me drink fluids, made me fruit salad, and made sure I was doing OK. She doesn't need entertained. She was just happy to be here with us...and was happy with a Sonic drink as a bonus. She wanted to buy and take care of anything that I needed- always has put herself last. She got Jenna ready in the mornings for school and let me sleep-in with Gage everyday. How did I get so lucky? I hope that Jenna feels as loved by me as I do by my mom. I hope that we are close like me and my mom. I hope that I can be the grandma that my mom is to my kids- it's effortless and genuine. As she has said, "my cup runneth over."

Every woman needs their mom when they have a baby. It is evidence that once we are mothers, we are always mothers- helping, loving and nurturing in times of greatest need, even teaching how to mother by example once the daughter is grown having babies of her own. Thank you mom for taking care of me and inspiring me to be a better mom. I love you.

I acknowledge that not all of us have a relationship with our moms or wish that it was different. But hopefully we all have someone in our life that is a mother to us. Sheri Dew once said, "Are we not all mothers?" Thanks to the other women in my life who have called and helped out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet the sibilings

Jenna and Zac came the day after Gage was born to see him. I didn't have my camera the first time they came back to see him in the nursery, but there was love written all over their faces. Zac said in a high voice, "He is soooo cute". They loved him from the moment they saw him. It would melt your heart. These pictures are of later in the day when they saw him again. Jenna is so sweet and proud of Gage!

We came home the next night and it was the first time that Trevor had seen Gage. Kids under 2 aren't allowed in the nursery so he didn't get to see him in the hospital. I guess they assume that you wouldn't be crazy enough to have a child under 2 and a new baby. If fact that reminds me that as we walked out of the nursery Zac said, "I can't believe we are going to have TWO babies. This is going to be hard work!" That cracked up the nurse that I loved in the NICU- Patty. Anyway, how insightful of Zac, or maybe he's just a good eavesdropper!
So when we got home, Trevor saw Gage and looked at him with a priceless look. Not really of jealousy or even curiosity, maybe awe is the best word. Kind of like, "is that real?" He wasn't incredibly soft with him and insisted he fold his little arms too during family prayer that night. Trevor and the new baby will keep me on my toes, if not only as individuals but with their interactions- if you call Trevor doing stuff to and around Gage interaction.
Jenna and Zac of course had met him and understand things. Mom called the kids up from downstairs and said, "your baby brother is home". Zac said "Oh yeah! What's his name?"
They are too funny. They are doing great with him!