Saturday, March 22, 2014


I liked the Divergent book and movie. I think that more than the book or the movie, I love going with Lissa. It has become a tradition that we go to dinner and the movie of the series of books that we have read (Twilight, Hunger Games, now Divergent). We also make iron-on shirts. For the last Hunger Games movie and for Divergent, we invited the husbands. That has been fun too.

Fire Pit

There are a few things that the kids remember well, ask for, and ask for again. Among those things is a fire in the fire pit.
 It was a relatively warm March evening, so we decided to make a fire and have some fried chicken and licorice in camp chairs around a fire. There must be something magical about it to the kids. They loved it.
Jenna is reading a story that she wrote.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Still in School

School just keeps getting more intense. I often think about Steve and how much he supports me. I can say that it would be impossible for me to do well or to maintain any sanity without him.

I was accepted and inducted into the Frontier Honor Society this term. I am maintaining a 4.0.

This picture is perfect to me. Steve is in the background supporting me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Family times

Some random life pictures.

Seeing my little boys asleep during the day usually only occurs when they are sick. This is a rare enough occasion that a picture is needed.

No school means snuggle time.

Pizza Pie Café. Trev had at least 7 pieces of mostly dessert pizza.

Watching Zac play his Kindle.
This was a day that Gage's dimples and cute smile saved his bacon. "Little destructo!"

Blanket Fort