Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This and That

Things have been good around here. Steve and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary the 7th of June, well we actually celebrated this past weekend when we had a babysitter. Thank you mom. Mom even kept the kids a couple days extra while Trev and I headed back to Lexington because I had to work. The kids had a blast with mom and cousins.
Also we report that we are both bitter and excited that we have become friends with Dave Ramsey and his "total money makeover". We started June 1.
Work for me is going well. I am still in orientation and am finishing my last week of 4 10's. (which I hated! I felt like I never saw the kids.) Earlier this week my orientor and I had 3 labors, deliveries and recoveries in about 8 hours. This hospital delivers 4000 babies a year. It's busy and makes it hard to find time to pump, which is really important to me.
We are looking forward to the first part of July to drive 28 hours to Utah and spend the 4th in Blanding with family. We have some fun things planned. We miss Utah a lot. This will be fun.
Trevy is getting big. Almost 4 months old. He likes to reach for toys, and loves the big kids. He still isn't a fan of baths. He continues to be a joy. We are all so grateful for him.
Jenna and Zac are doing well. Enjoying the tramp and time to together, even though they fight regularly.
I'll do better about updates and post pictures too.
Thanks to Angie for the following pictures from Jenna's field day at school. Her and Isaac are too cute. Looks like fun.