Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Titan

Lissa had her 5th baby on June 25th. We hung out with her kids that day. A couple days later we went to see them in the hospital. He is precious.

Hanging out, waiting on a baby

Scout Camp

We were a little nervous about sending Zac to scout day camp. In the end, he had a great time! I also noticed that there are some great people that influence our kids. I am grateful that he had a good time.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rockies #7

This year, we signed Zac up with a baseball league. He really lucked-out, not just because his team was the best in the league (15-1 and tourney champs), but because he had some amazing coaches, particularly the head coach.
 Zac started off doing ok but was no star. It was even a little hard to watch, maybe because I love and know softball and assumed he would be a natural. Toward mid-season he couldn't make contact with the ball. You could almost count on him striking-out. After talking to Buddy, we decided to do some things to help him out at home.  He and Steve played soft-toss in the yard and would throw the ball. He also had regular practice with the team. The last 3 weeks of the season, it clicked and he made contact every time. I think he went 9/9 at the end.
 It was over-all a very good experience for Zac and for us as parents.
A face of confidence. This is at the end of the season when he is hitting the ball. Yes, the batting gloves are a must!

One of his biggest fans....

Another fan who is entertaining himself

Getting his tourney champ metal

Listening to coach with a cheek full of gum.


Coach Moore and Zac

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crossing the Bridge

I returned to Hyden again to Frontier Nursing University. The next time I return, I will be there for clinical bound in Winter 2014.  This time, I met my Bridge classmates again and we selected our program of study. I am going with certified nurse midwifery, full-time. I debated on nurse practitioner, but I love helping women in childbirth and as a CNM, I can serve as a primary care provider to women and the newborn. It is exciting.
So far I am doing well and really enjoying school. Although it is not over, and premature to extend thank-you's for my success, I have to say that Steve is amazing. He is a major factor in my ability to be successful in the program.
 It was fun to have some time with my classmates that I have grow close to over the past year. Loved seeing them!

Class 102 at Wendover

Tammy (FNP-KY), Alanna (CNEP- Florida) and me (CNEP)

Meredith (FNP- Idaho), with Alanna and me.

Me, Shannon (CNEP- CA) with Alanna. There are only three of us from class 102 pursuing CNEP.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Provo Canyon

It took a few days, but I really missed the kids (and Steve) when I was in Indiana. When I returned, I took the kids up Provo Canyon to get out of the house and enjoy the day.

Zac: "Hey Jenna, mom should take the boys to get a haircut, huh?"
Jenna: "Totally!"


Monday, June 10, 2013

Knee Replacment

I went to Indiana to help my mom with knee replacement. I have felt bad for a while that I am not in Indiana to help out. When mom told me that she was having her knee replaced, I knew that I wanted to go and help her. Knee replacement is a big deal. When I worked in Med/Surg it was a 3 day stay at the hospital, then to rehab and physical therapy. Mom's surgeon is a little more modern and does "quad sparing" total knee replacement where he manipulates the quadricep to place the new knee joint, but doesn't cut the muscle. This means the recovery is a little faster and the hospital stay is shorter. I was definitely impressed to see that mom was up on her new knee within an hour of coming to her hospital room from the recovery room after her 3-hour surgery. Despite the new procedure, the fact is, it is still a major surgery.  I was happy to be there to help out for a few days. She is a little competitive and a bit of an over-achiever, so she was doing great and continues to recover well from her surgery. I am happy that she had the surgery. The surgeon was impressed by the extent of  the bone spurs and arthritis once he got in there. She is such as active person, I am glad that she got it done.
 Aside from being able to help her, I was able to see my brother and his family. I miss them! It was nice to see my dad too.
 It was nice to see how many people love my mom. So many called, texted, and brought food and other things. She has so many good people around her. I want to be closer. It was hard to leave.

My Buddy

Mason, Barron, Jackson, and Aunt Mandy


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer fun

Hooray for summer time. No school for the kids, and plenty of sunshine!
Sprinkler under the trampoline. That was a hit when I was a kid.

The rewards of playing hard

...Just because they grow  up so fast. (Still loves T- Rex!)

Lego love

Springville Splash pad. King Trevor

Sandbox in the yard

Trip to the Hogle zoo again