Monday, February 27, 2012


Trev turned 3 last week. His birthday was Thursday, the 23rd. We celebrated on Saturday. He has been waiting for his birthday for what seems like a very long time. We have a run in the summer and then in the fall of birthdays, then there is December that is full of family birthdays, not to mention, Christmas. Each time, he thought that he should be having a birthday soon. As he has anticipated his special day, he has asked for "a va-tar (aka Guitar), just like mommy's".
 Saturday, we started the day with Krispy Creme donuts. We went to Jump On It.... A warehouse full of trampolines and fun. Then we ate at Red Robin (Yum!). A few hours later, Liss and Christian's crew came over, and we blew out candles and opened presents.
Gage and Dad on the trampoline. Gage wasn't a huge fan.

These money grubbers are always a hit.

Two peas in a pod. BFF.


Air Hockey. Zac won 3-2

Red Robin really is "YUM" and the booths are big enough to seat all of us.

Undies>>>potty soon?

Rescue Heros. 3 little boys at the house love these guys.

Miniature Guitar, "just like mommy's" Yeah for Big Lots. All the kids love it. Maybe we should do lessons? We could be have a band. "The Hellians"

Arg, there is a smile behind that card.
I told mom that one night when Trev was pitiful, he told me that he needed a baby (like Gage's) She couldn't resist. This baby comes all the way from Indiana- with love :)
 I hope that he had a good day. I thought it was fun. Happy Birthday Trev. He is so loved. Thank you to family and friends for cards and gifts. Love you back!