Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love these guys...and ice cream from DQ!

Back Yard Fun!

This has been Steve's project over the past 2 weeks. Good job. Let's play!

Indiana- Steve and Mason

Steve and Mason have always been bud's. I remember the first time we came back home after he was born. We loved him so much. I remember that I got to sleep with him one night. He started to cry and I just remember Buddy saying, "just pat him on the diaper". Sure enough it worked. As he got older, he was so fun to entertain us with showing us his muscles and saying the cutest things. Mason has always been a kind boy. Even when he was 2 and Jenna was new, he was so sweet. He never was jealous and always loved her. He hasn't changed. When we lived in Indiana, Steve and Mason would play videos games after Steve got home from work. During this stay, they beat the Game Cube game Indiana Jones together. We love all of our nephews (no nieces's up to you Lissa, Buddy and Carrie are done.) :)

A Sanpshot of our Trip to Indiana