Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing Up!, Not cliche, just true.

Jenna is a first grader. I have been struck lately with how grown up she is..well actually, her and Zac..and Trev, and how it happens quickly that they mature and cope with new experiences in life. I am feeling proud of them.
Jenna had a great fist day. She said the food was good, that they had 3 recesses and they didn't even have to read! They "met each other and explored and colored", is what she said. She is riding the bus here and loves it so far. She is really growing up. I would have used my fancy Nikon camera with a super-awesome lens to capture these special moments, but I don't have one. I don't even have my Kodak easy share because I have officially misplaced it. I was so mad at myself as I took pictures of Jenna through my mostly lame cell phone camera.
The first day, Zac and I walked Jenna to her bus stop at the end of the block and waited for the bus to come. Jenna was very excited. There were several other kids at the stop, a lot of whom she recognized from church. When the bus pulled up, she gave me a hug and went on her merry way into the bus. A wake of emotion blew over me but just to be interupted by a very sad looking boy that hung his head and shoulders only how he does. I looked at Zac and knew he was sad that he wouldn't have Jenna to play and fight with. The other moms thought he was sad because he couldn't ride the bus, but no. He was gonna miss his big sister. I hugged him and we walked home kinda quiet, both thinking I guess.
On day 2, Jenna woke up on her own and let the dog out that sleeps by her bed now. We got her clothes ready and had some breakfast. We packed her lunch because I got her a water bottle, and she thought that meant that she should pack her lunch. Anyway, she dressed and explained how she would like her hair. All set, with a relatively heavy back pack bc I sent some teacher-requests in her bag, she was on her way again. The bus comes at 7:28, so I thought since there were 3 or 4 kids at the bus stop that I would go ahead and send her up the street. I can see the stop from the front of our house which is so nice. She is jogging, and I told her she could take her time if she wants because she has a few minutes. She gets half way there and the bus pulls up! By now she is running and then Zac and I start running too (vicariously I guess). Anyway the bus starts to pull off, I assume not seeing her, and we are cheering from afar "keep running Jenna!" She never looks back and keep trucking with her backpack bouncing on her back with each step. The bus pulls to a stop and waits for her. She crosses our street and hops on.
It was very exciting for Zac and me. We cheered and carried on when she got on. Then comes 4 more kids around the corner who see that the bus is leaving, and they run the entire block. (The bus was a bit early). Anyway, I wanted to send Jenna a text or have her receive some message in her brain that I was so proud of her. I know that she could have panicked and given up. She probably would have last year. I could imagine tears welling up and her freezing with defeat a year ago. Today, she could have at the very least looked back to home, but she didn't. I just feel proud of her. She made it and so did her buds. I hope that she sat on the bus and smiled at her victory and not cussed her mom for telling her that she could walk because there was time. lol

Zac had kindergarten testing this week. It was fun to watch him answer questions while I sat by listening to him. When we got back in the van he said, "I wonder if Jenna had the same test before. I wonder if she took a deep breath and walked on in, too." I knew that he was a bit nervous and intimidated at first, but I didn't know that he took a deep breath and pushed through the door being brave. That was cute.

Trev is finally, at 18 months, talking quite a bit. He has a little vocab and is learning and exploring new things all the time. Lately when I say something, I can tell that things are clicking and the cogs are turning. He is my little blonde baby boy that I still adore.

Not really sad thoughts that my kids are getting bigger. I feel proud of them, if that is even the right word. I do love them. I wanna go squeeze them now. If only catching the bus, deep breaths and conquering animal sounds were the toughest feats to tackle, they'd be set!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Unfurl a flag with a "Y", don a blue t-shirt, grab a cougar bumper sticker because we are fans. Steve landed a great job with BYU. Thank you for answered prayers and great opportunities! Go Steve! Go BYU- accounting!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jenna turns 7

This year Jenna was super excited about her birthday. I think that it is age-related, not that any kid of any age dreads this day that they are the center of the world, but she was especially excited this year. The last time that she had a big friend party was when she turned 3. Unfortunately she a.) has a summer birthday and her mom didn't think to get addresses and keep up with friends, b.) her Primary classes have been small, and c.) we move too much to do a friend party in the past 4 years. We did a party with family, cousins and a friend of mine that has a couple of cute boys. Jenna was as much as 6 years the senior of the youngest and 2 years older than the next one to her age, but let me tell you that she didn't care! She had a blast! She didn't insist on any theme in particular and even told me as I was fussing over the cake that, "it is just gonna get messed up anyway, mom! We are gonna eat it!". She did have some requests: silly string, party hats, steamers, balloons, noise makers and a cake. Also donuts for breakfast, a happy meal lunch, and mashed potatoes with gravy for dinner. All of which was do-able, and we accommodated. Most of her ideas she copied directly from "If you throw a Pig a Party". She was so cute, and I know that she had a good day.
The cake was fun to make with her and luckily it turned out. I was skeptical as I was piecing her massive hips together and icing her crumbly torso. The kids especially liked eating her hair.
Thank you to all that came and love us near and far. Jenna knows that she is loved and that is something that all moms want for their babies- no matter how old.
Miss you Ma!
Happy Birthday Jenna Lou!