Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the way to debt free...update:

Credit card #1- paid off today.

Dave Ramsey twists my guts. It's hard making good choices and waiting for the payoff when there are things that seem so reasonable to purchase for the family. We have to keep on keepin' on. Sacrifice and focus! One day it will be worth it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Scool

For Jenna's birthday, we bought Jenna a week of Art camp at the Living Arts and Science Center every morning for 5 days. Jenna's class was "still art", using different pastels, chalk, paint, pencils, etc. She loved it! Her class was with about 8 other kids ages 6-9. She does excel in art, we aren't sure where she got that, but I am so proud of her and am amazed at each child's own personality, talents and gifts. This is a link to her website, iJenna, that we created for her birthday. (iCarly is her favorite show) There is a slide show of her art, not all of it was done the week of camp. Proud of you Lou!

Kindergarten..take 2 or is it 3.

Jenna returned to Kindergarten this year. I can't believe that it was only last year that I sent her to 3 hour afternoon kindergarten in Utah. I cried on the way down the hall after I took her. Then we moved to KY, and I cried as I left her at her first day of all day kindergarten with perfect strangers and a whole new life. We struggled with homework and reading nearly every night. So much homework! She struggled to read and meet all the requirements. We agreed to have her repeat K this year. To be brief, it's been a great choice. Jenna is a bit older in her class and is so confident. Not struggling and struggling. IN fact, on her first day this year, she be-bopped in, and I was so proud, not crying like the last 2 times. The challenge now is to keep her challenged. All the things that she had difficulty with last year started to come with ease this summer. I am not sure why it surprises me, as with most other things, things come in their own time. It just clicks. She hits a new milestone and bang, she's got it!


Trevor is growing right up. 6 months next week. He started rolling about the middle of July, and he cut his first tooth last week. He is starting to sit up on his own, but falls.He is still a happy fellow. He brings a lot of joy and comfort to our home.
Jenna likes to fed him and hold him. She and Zac both love to make him smile.

We bought a highchair last weekend, and a Johnny jump up. I wasn't sure who liked it more, me or Trev. I have been wanting one for a while. I found one at a consignment shop and it's awesome.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crusin Meadow Lane

Crusin with Pa.
No, that's not Hannah Montana, it's Jenna.
Yes, Zac is wearing goggles. It's the cool thing, don't ya know!

Jenna Turns 6!

Jenna's Birthday was the 31st of July. A real genuine thanks to family and Angie that made it special for her. I brought home donuts and a balloon for breakfast that morning after working all night. I went to bed and the babysitter took her and Zac to Kid's Play. Then we went to mom's. When we got there at 9pm, there was a sign in the yard that said Happy Birthday Princess. Buddy and the gang were there and sang to her and had a gift for her. It was a real party! I am telling you that there is nothing like knowing that your child is happy and knowing that other people truly love her. They made her day so special. Saturday we went swimming at Papa Donn's and had Chinese for lunch. Her Aunt Donna brought her a special gift. We hung out that night. Sunday we went to Dad and Regina's and they treated her so special too.
It was so awesome that my family was so great to her, plus Steve's fam is always so thoughtful of the kids. I am telling you it takes that extra effort to mail out cards and packages. Jenna loved her gifts from Aunt Lissy. Grandma Julene got her High School Musical 3, and even her Great Grandma sent a package!
Thank you everyone for loving my baby girl!