Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone. I should look back at last years post and see if I had the same things to say: "I wish I would have done more with the kids." Ugg, I am not sure if it's work, or life that gets in the way, but I would like to say that we watched the Nativity, read Luke 2, went caroling, fed a family, baked and iced cookies all afternoon, and sang Christmas carols throughout the days...the reality is that the kids DO know the reason for the season, they did eat cookies, and they do know Christmas songs, they did eat with great family and friends, and they did make a gingerbread house, so even though it's not totally perfect, it was still quite wonderful, now that I think of it.
Our families were so generous and spoiled the kids to the core, and we, as always, love to be with family for Christmas. So thank you to mom and to dad and Regina for wanting us with you and loving us so...and also to Julene and Grandma and Liss (and all of Steve's family- Love you too Jeff, I know you read up on us and we thank you for that too!) for wanting us there too. I wish we could be both places! Also we went to a family's house here in Lexington on the day of Christmas to eat a delicious ham and enjoy their company before I had to work. We do feel blessed for the people in our lives.

I didn't get one card mailed, although I did print them, and I didn't do a family letter. But know that we are well, that we are human and so we struggle at times, know that we are blessed with good health and happy kids, and that we testify of Jesus Christ- that he was born in Bethlehem a humble birth, that he lived selflessly a perfect example, that he died for us according the the will of our Father, and he resurrected gloriously so that one day we can be together again... for which we are eternally grateful.

Merry Christmas!

Wolf Lodge

I talked about Wolf Lodge in an earlier post and was sooo fun. Steve and I and the kids all had a great time. We dropped Trev off to mom and headed over to Cincinnati (about an hour and a half drive to get there). We stopped at Steak and Shake on the way and enjoyed food and milkshakes. Once we got to the Lodge, we went to our room where the kids tested the beds for bounciness and maybe even bounced off the walls until they were able to go down to the water area. The water area has an ambient temperature of 82. It was warm in there. The water is a bit cool at first, but the kids never knew it! We rode the big slides (Jenna called the one that swirls around and around before sucking you down a tube, the "toilet bowl"- we did not do that one twice. The kids double loved the lazy river. We went back to the room and the kids were thrilled and even surprised at their fortune that they could go back in the morning. We all slept well. The next day we ate at the buffet, change and played some more. It was really so fun. Lots of laughs and smiles were had by all. There are other things to do there like an arcade and crafts, even a spa, but the water park alone was great. We were even able to see it "snow" in the lobby before we left, which was perfect. (ps Yes, we did bring the silly string...and yes, we did clean up the room before leaving! )

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Angel with a wadded shirt

Zac had a Christmas party at school Friday. It was a rough recovery morning for me. I didn't have a sitter the day before and stayed up all night and day with the kids. It seems like the day after is the hardest for me to flip back to a day schedule when my body and emotions say "go back to bed you crazy lady, please!" But that is an entirely different post. So we are getting ready and I asked Zac if he wanted to dress up for his party, he said "nah". He had on a jet t-shirt and wind-breaker pants. I thought, ok. I just figured it was causal anyway. Then I told him to brush his teeth and wash his hands. He promptly got wet, so I put a wadded up guitar hero shirt on that was on the couch from when Steve "did the laundry" 2 nights before. No time to iron and there was surely little else clean so out we go. The baby was with us, of course, and minus some crusted boogers and the fact that he had on a pair of Zac's socks, he was cute. I was going to the party too. I had actually requested off so I could go. Anyway, we get there 10 minutes late to find beautiful, groomed, dressed-up children seated for their Christmas treat. The girls were in their faux red velvet dresses or turtle necks with Christmas sweaters, and the boys in their Christmas sweaters. Geez, I knew I should have dressed him up- he is a total stud dressed up! Plus I forgot the camera. So that was a little awkward. Thankfully there was another little boy in sweat clothes. I loved that mom for her same about a memo, right!
Anyway, they had their treat, briefly talked to Santa, then went into the chapel to sing us songs...and this is the good part. I am telling you that Zac stood up there and beamed. Actually the thought of him and his little smile, makes me wanna cry. He sang every one of those songs and looked at me and Trevor(and occas Ms Marsha the music teacher) the entire time. He was so proud to be there and to have Trevor and me there. He looked for us to clap after each song. He was like a little angel up there to me. It didn't matter one little bit that he was late, his mom was an emotional wreck, or that he looked underdressed...he was singing his heart out and he was so HAPPY. I love the feeling that came upon me.
I had been having a rough morning, overwhelmed with stuff to do and Zac showed me the important things in life- him. I was reminded of a quote that I had recently read that I will paraphrase and likely butcher: "You can feverishly go about checking things off your list of stuff to do- stuff that in the end is of little consequence. You should put your energies into those things of eternal importance."

12 days of spoiled rotten and we love it!

12 days of Christmas
How fun that someone chose us to treat so well during this holiday season. Thank you, thank you whoever you are! Merry Christmas!
1. Popcorn, plastic popcorn containers and a 2 liter of 7up
2. a flat of Clementines
3. Christmas window clings
4. Mugs, hot chocolate, and marshmallows
5. Home-made huge, caramel candy apples
6. A gingerbread house kit
7. sugar cookies, cookie cutters and sprinkles
8. cute holiday kid plates and cups (does this person know that I love this kind of stuff!)
9. Foam Christmas craft stickers
10. fleece Christmas blanket
11. Goodies/yummy treats
12. a Beautiful plaque that reads, "Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus"