Saturday, January 29, 2011


Playing at the park sounded like a good idea. The sun was shining, and it was above freezing after all.
 Actually, if I was honest I would say that Jenna and Zac had a good time playing pirates and running on the play ground, and the fresh air did us all some good. It wouldn't be lying to say that Trev sat in a wet, cold, puddle, had difficulty traversing the crunchy snow, and had to be carried football style while kicking and screaming when we left. Gage was strapped to me and seemed snug, but for some reason couldn't settle-in with the sun shining in his face, his hat in his eyes and the freezing temperates in January.

 So for now, we will stick to indoor swings. The bigger kids can bundle up and play pirates in the yard without an emotional mom brother or a restless baby.

Bath time

Bath time with my baby.


Jenna's the star... first grade, for the week. Jenna and I made a poster that represented her to take to school. She presented her poster to her class. We had a good time staying up late, making her poster. Jenna is really a fun girl.
 Trev and Gage, via double stroller, and I came to Jenna's classroom with the colossal poster for her presentation to her class. The boys were good. In fact, it went so smoothly, I was surprised and so pleased! It really made my morning that  things DO go right!
 Jenna's class was very respectful and attentive. I was impressed.
Anyway, Jenna has lived in 3 states, loves her family, loves animals, loves art and loves shrimp. She likes camping, swimming, playing and her friends. She has had her fair share of dental work and cross country moves, but seems to take it in stride.

 Jenna gets to keep her poster up for a week at school, then somehow it will come home on the bus, maybe in 1 piece, where it will then hang on the wall in her room.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Do it

I have thought of this phrase, made famous by Nike. I see real genius in the slogan.
There are days when I think, "just do it". Why delay- if I get up a bit earlier, if I go ahead and do something that has to be done, if I just put forth that little effort...if I "just do it", then I will be happier in the long run. Life may even run smoother and be happier.
There are days when I can say with some energy behind the voice in my head, "Yeah, just do it! It's easy." There are other days that I hear myself tell myself to "just do it, come on!" in the same tone that I tell the kids to clean up their rooms. This tone may include some cussing at myself.
There are other days when I spit on the idea, and am appalled at my audacity to even say, "Just do it!" because it is just not that simple.
I have thought of this phrase and my varying degrees of optimism for it over the past month.

I keep thinking of a woman runner getting her Nike shoes on for a run. She is sitting on the side of the bed or couch, and she is bent down tying her shoes. I can't see her attitude or her face, but she is just going to "do it." I can then picture her running in a red shirt and black pants on black pavement with her Nike shoes, and she is strong. She is running alone, but she is not lonely-looking. She looks focused. It is a great commercial in my brain. I need to be her. Who knows if she was cussing to "just do it" or if she was excited, all I know is, she is out there and she is strong and she is not relying on anyone else to pull her along.
There's real symbolism there. Whether my goals are spiritual, physical, in parenthood, in my ...whatever, Just do it!

Friday, January 7, 2011


This baby is really such a happy little guy. He brings us all smiles.
Enjoy, family. Wish we were closer!
Gage: 2 months, 3 weeks old.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

Reflecting upon 2010...
In no particular order

10. Suprise, you are pregnant! I found out Super Bowl Sunday.
9. Destin,FL- Jumbo shrimp, overcast weather, watching the kids love life, sitting on the balcony with Steve
8. Steve was laid off from his job.
7. We are moving back to Utah. 3rd time is a charm!
6. Moved to Utah in June. The trailer was too small for our stuff. Wyoming was long and hard physically and emotionally. The pools were fun, especially the night at Wingers. A twin matress on the roof of the van...flapping in the wind.
5. Birthdays! I will always remember Trev's first birthday with Mom, Buddy and his family. Trev was so cute in his party hat! The Lasagna was delicious! I remember Jenna's Mermaid Cake and how much fun she had. Zac's 5th birthday and the Kangaroo Zoo. My suprise 30th party. I was SO suprised! Steve's birthday- yummy food and a shrimp ring.  Gage's birth and all the sweetness of a new baby in our family.
4. Geoocaching
3. This Christmas. The 12 days of Christmas, traditions, generosity, and belief in Santa
2. "His Needs, Her Needs: for Parents". It is so true!
1. Blessings and family near and far

As always, from my point of view.