Saturday, September 24, 2011

"That's not my cat!" by Eric Carle

A few weeks ago Trevor became somewhat obsessed over this book. He just loves it. .

 Trev is 2 years and 6 months old.

School Carnival

School is now into full swing. Things are settling into a routine. I am no longer lost with just the 2 little ones at home. I got used to that real fast and enjoy the time with them in the mornings and early afternoon.
When the kids come home at 2:50, they like to veg for about a half an hour, then it's on to chores and homework. After that, it's time for dinner, and the night time routine. There are often break downs from fatigue and a long day. I keep thinking we need to get the kids enrolled in something...girl scouts, tumbling, art, swimming, karate...something...but when is there time, energy, or patience?
 Oh well, we'll figure it out.

Last week was the school PTA carnival. The kids were so excited. They scraped up money, and were happy to spend it on games, treats and popcorn. We could only stay a while before my childbirth class, but they had fun.

And he's off....

Gage started walking last weekend. Now it seems to be his preferred mode of transportation. Oh, they grow up so fast. He will be 1 year old next month! Yeah Gage!

He is getting the stairs... going up...but is pretty chicken to go down. Don't his legs look long? 
Now, that is a cute bum!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Zac

Zac's Birthday is Aug 29th. He went with Steve hunting over the weekend, and then his birthday was Monday. I was so pleased that I was off. While he was at school, the little guys and I went and got a few things for Zac. Zac is not particularly hard to please. He is pretty grateful and excited about any gifts, but I still wasn't sure what to get him. He likes baseball and camping. He likes guns and video games, but he isn't way into any one thing. He doesn't have a favorite toy, a favorite movie or a favorite game really. When mom came to visit in July she brought puppets, and he was surprisingly into his monkey. So, I thought that I would get him a pirate puppet. I asked Jenna what she wanted to get him, and she said a "treasure map" because they like to pretend they are hunting treasures together. So that is what he got: a laminated map that cannot be ruined barring scissors, a puppet and a night out- Bowling and dinner with Lobsters.
 I hope that he had fun. I think that he did.

We had been talking about going to Fat Cats bowling for his birthday for a little while. I debated on taking some of his little boy friends, but he really doesn't have many yet. So I thought we would just take him and Jenna. I was unable to pin down a sitter, so when I tried to talk him out of it because I didn't want to take the whole crew, he protested, saying "can't we all just go as a family? You can hold Gagey, and Daddy can help Trevor." So, "of course we can go, Bud!" was the response to that commercial. We met Steve at Fat Cats in Provo. We were just about the only ones in there at first. The kids did great, really. Once the 1 game was over, we all had enough. The timing was perfect- Near meltdown, but still holding onto smiles. It was fun. I was the best bowler, but Steve won, no surprise. He pulled ahead at the end to win. (I still think it would be fun to be on a bowling league with some friends.)
Anyway, after that, we let Zac choose where we would eat. He debated between Olive Garden and Red Lobster! What can I say, he has good taste! He knew that this occasion was better than McDonald's or Betos, even Chuck-a-Rama. He couldn't resist the idea of shrimp, and so we splurged and went to Red Lobster. It was not Florida quality seafood, but it was good. The kids were really pretty good minus occasional outbursts and belching. Plus, the service was nice, and they were good to the birthday boy.

After dinner, we came home to blow out candles before bed and promised cake for breakfast (oh what's the difference between that and a donut?). It was too late and we were too full for cake and icecream after dinner. I had the kids close their eyes while I got set up to have a "special visitor" sing Happy Birthday. He loved the puppet! Yay!

Also thank you to all the family that send gifts and cards and spoil him rotten. He was a happy boy!

Cart Walkin'

Gage is now 10 days shy of 11 months. In no time he will be walking, and this will be old news. Just because we think it's great and gush over every he is. You know you love it too!