Thursday, October 30, 2008

Job Nibbles and Gratitude

As of today, Steve appears to have 3 pretty serious job leads, he is on at least his second interview with each. They are in Idaho falls- Idaho, Lexington- KY and Tuscan- Arizona. That is right, I keep saying there is major change coming and big decisions. There are pros and cons to each.
We appreciate all of your concern and prayers.
This has been a sweet opportunity to recognize the tender mercies of God through the kindness of you and others. It has been an eye opener of what is important. We feel humble and although we get nervous about the decisions and prospect of moving, the bitterness is gone.

The Fall trip to Indiana.

I headed to Indiana last week for my 10 year class reunion. That was fun, but proved to be stressful for me. Maybe next time the class vice president should do it. He is so fun and his wife is amazing. They would be great!
Anyway, the best part of the trip was seeing the nephews and family. Buddy and Carrie took a couple days off and the cousins hung out a lot. I love visiting, and it is always heartbreaking to leave. I love them all so much. Zac loved sleeping with his "Ma" every night, and I loved just being with my mom and seeing Buddy more this time.
We went to the zoo, made cookies, had a sleep over with the cousins, carved pumpkins, colored a lot, wrestled (well not the grown women) ate well, spent time at mom's, Buddy and Carrie's and Dad and Regina's. I was also able to see some family and friends that popped in around all the festivities of the reunion and running with the kids.
It was a nice trip that always goes fast and ends with tears but great memories too.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Party Pooper

We are grateful for a baby coming, for our family, and for our health, and the nice things that we have. We are glad to live where we do. It is beautiful, and I love the sun shine and the smell of sage brush. Our house is coming along nice....aside from a few more things that should hang on the walls, our house is feeling like home. I love the yard and even the dog that sometimes makes me crazy. I am really liking my job and my co-workers. I am just about finished with orientation, in fact next week I will be more on my own. I love that Jenna is liking school, and that I feel safe with them at day care on the days that I work. They are truly loved there. Things are coming together at church. We are making friends and have callings there.
The scary things is that Steve was laid off about 10 days ago. LDS General Conference and optimism were very helpful and we were hopeful..."life is a journey", but after only 10 days and 20 resumes and a gambit of online job applications, we are starting to panic. He had such a good job that he enjoyed. He and 3 other colleagues didn't know the day before that they would receive a letter the next morning laying them off because of lack of monies and business at the firm, blaming the economy and lack of funds transferring from a client in China. He and the other 3 were the most recent hires.
We felt humble, then bitter toward his employer who made him big promises for partner, then jaded and dejected, and now panicked. The thought of moving again breaks my heart- esp for the kids. Also the cost of it all, and the potential of losing is most important, but good credit is helpful! :) Plus I love my van and somewhat unkept yard. It's not luxury, but I love it.
Isn't it interesting how you respond to things in relation to your partner? He is calm and optimistic and so am I, once he panics, I follow in place. He has done awesome as Mr mom, the house is clean and the laundry is done, dinner is made and the kids love him home, but it has offered time for him to think and worry while I was working the past 2 days. Maybe tomorrow we will feel better. One thing is for certain, there is change a-coming, and although I have never hated change, this time, I didn't choose it, and don't feel up to the heartbreak or "going with the flow"... there are lots of factors now, 2 of which are small and sweet and will be confused.
I hate a party pooper, but today I don't have it in me to muster up something optimistic and hopeful. It just wouldn't be genuine. Well, I can honestly say that I do trust that things will be ok, it's just getting there from here.

Monday, October 6, 2008

There's a BOY in there!


Can see him reach out and grab his feet?
That is fun huh. Yes, it's a boy. I thought that it was a girl, but I have been wrong all three times. I have always hoped that my intuition out of utero is better than in utero. Anyway, we are excited.
Zac got to come along with Steve because of some changes in plans (Jenna was at kindergarten). Anyway, Zac said that he didn't need a turn on the table after me because there wasn't a baby in his belly, "if she puts that soap on my belly, she will only see food: peaches and pizza." He saw the baby's toes and counted them. He seems vaguely excited about it all. Steve saw "the part" he wanted to see. He is thrilled for another, likely wild, boy. (smiling) Jenna will be thrilled. BTW the 2nd is a tricky 3D, see if you can see a partial profile, hidden behind some "stuff"...