Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

The kids had a really great time walking the neighborhood with our friends. They came away with an obscene amount of candy! It was a beautiful night out despite the threats for rain. I had fun getting Jenna ready and Steve painted Zac up right. They were very excited. These are such fun fun times for these little Freds. I love 'em and good memories!

Friday, October 30, 2009

"I'm glad I'm not a pumpkin on Hal al o ween"

The kids have been excited to carve the pumpkins we bought last weekend. They knew that we would do it tonight. "It's Friday!"
You know the times when you plan something fun, and it just totally bombs and everyone is frustrated and the majority of you are know it has happened, if it hasn't happened, don't fool yourself, it will one day happen. Well tonight was one of those nights that was wonderful. The kids had fun, they didn't fight or whine. Steve and I had fun. No tears and topped off with root beer floats. This is what it is all about. Thank you for the happy memories, laughter and abundance of smiles!

They were so excited to see them in the dark in front of the house!

Little Elk's Preschool Halloween Party

Zac had his Halloween Party at school today. It was cute. He thought that he was so cool in his Vampire costume and esp loved his teeth. It was great to be able to go just the two of us. Thanks to a friend that watched Trevor last minute.
I wonder if when we came in the door if someone didn't give Zac a shot in the butt of some sort of sedative. He was so mild and calm and such a good listener. I am glad that socially he is not a maniac. He was a good boy and you could tell he was happy to be there.
The little girl next to him is his friend, Riley. The first few days of school he talked and talked about Riley, and I assumed the child was a boy. But he corrected me and informed me that, "I am very gentle with her, and I don't want anything to happen to her". He was so sweet and protective of her. I did notice that they never spoke today, but they must be buds. I think she kinda looks like Jenna. It was fun to see some of the kids that he comes home talking about.

Anyway, I love my wild Vampire named Zac that was exceptionally mellow at his party today.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trevor crusin'

Trevor likes to pull up and takes a few steps holding on to things, but when Regina and dad sent this home with out! He is cruisin' and loves the freedom and movement. The Pediatrician said that she didn't like them at the last appointment, but what does she know, obviously! JK, for now, it's great and he is having fun!

Fall Break

Steve and I both worked parts of Fall break and because of that we didn't have anything unusually exciting planned. No hunting for Steve even. In Utah, fall break is the deer hunt opener.
I did have a good time making these Halloween mobiles with the kids that we hung from the heat vents in the ceiling. And the window clings were fun to put on. (Thanks Liss for the idea!)
We also went to eat at Red Robin. It was yummo, and the kids were good- this means that we will go back. It seems wherever we go that the kids are good, we like that restaurant so much more, in reality the food may not be that much better, but the memory is sweeter!
Steve and I also made a trial recipe that was inspired from watching Food Network. I am not sure that it was totally awesome, but of course we ate a lot of it and really enjoyed each other's company in the process. Love you Steve.

These pictures are funny because of the cheesy smiles. At least we know they were enjoying themselves!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jenna, the artist

Jenna's interpretation of this flower arrangement...

Hubers Farm with the Welsh fam

We went to Indiana last weekend to celebrate Carrie and Jackson's birthday and to hang out. A few years ago we went to Coyote Creek for pumpkins and a petting zoo, this year we went to Huber's Farm close to Clarksville, IN. It was fun. We then went to the Olive Garden. 5 adults and 6 kids. The kids were great and it was delicious. It is nice to hang out with Buddy's fam. I feel bad that we missed Jackson's party FRiday night and didn't properly celebrate Carrie's birthday. Happy Birthday to them, we love you.

Jenna goes to Evans...I got to go too!

Jenna's Kindergarten class had a field trip to Evans Orchard in Georgetown Ky last week. I was so happy to be able to go too. We both had a lot of fun. I really have a testimony of the importance of spending time with my kids individually. We were like BFFs. She introduced me to her friends but didn't want to play with them that day. I love you Jenna, thank you for hanging out and being so much fun to be with.
Jenna loved the hay ride, picking out a pumpkin, the play area and the billy goats at the petting zoo. She also thought the apple cider sample was delicious.
I had a fun time and the weather was great. Can you believe those mums? $12!