Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter in Blanding

We had another great Spring trip to Blanding. Scot and Julene, the company of the "neighbors" (Gage calls his cousins the neighbors), and the Blanding outdoors make for a great trip and fun Easter.

We went out the White Mesa for a cook out and the "Easter Egg roll." 

Roasting weines

With Grandad

Rocks were a key player in this trips fun. Jenna was loving finding and talking to Grandad about different rocks. 

This is the egg run.
Guiding their eggs down the run. 

Meal time!

Playing hard leads to this....

A little hike. 

Gage the Explorer


Easter morning. The Bunny came!

We stopped at the fossil shop in Moab on the way home. 

Of course, Steve got to fish with his dad! Looks like a Northern Pike. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Les Miserables

I really enjoy theater and it is high time that this theater-junky-wanna-be saw Les Mis. Another reason to go was that Steve's cousin, Andrew was in the ensemble. (He was great). We went with Steve's friend from work, Ryan and his wife that I enjoy, Nicole.  We went to dinner first and then to the West Valley Hale Center Theatre. It was an awesome production and a beautiful story.
We were extra lucky that Steve and Ryan served a mission 15 years ago with the set manager. He hooked us up with a backstage tour after the show, comp tickets for a future show, and VIP concession vouchers.
 I can officially say that I have seen Les Mis, the next on the must-see list is Wicked.
Steve, Andrew, Me

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We were low key. We stayed around Orem. One day, I swear we will go to the warm sunny beach. Until then....We had fun with the neighborhood kids. The kids have a lot of fun with the neighbors and are happy to get outside in the spring weather. We hit a few parks. One day, I gave the kids each $5 for the Dollar Store and they were able to choose what they wanted. Another day, Zac went to a Lego Day Camp while the others of us played at a nearby playground. It was a relaxing Spring Break.

After playing outside and getting in the bath, the boys smell like a wet dog before getting soaped up. 

Making their $ store choices

While we were out and about, we stopped for a RedBox and found this taped to the machine. If there are days when you wonder, be reassured there are still good people in the world!

This park is a hidden treasure. During Spring break the parks are packed, but there was just us at this park.
#Gammon Park. Trev is writing his numbers. He loves numbers. 

I have a half strength Code Red and my books to study while the kids frolic!

Let's go fly a kite! OK!

Made a homemade pizza.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting ready for Kindergarten

Trevor will be headed to Kindergarten in the Fall! I had to order his birth certificate from Kentucky. He also needed to get all his immunizations as a part of registration. He had his big Kindergarten doctor appointment. He was so brave and is a healthy kiddo.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Time with Ma

It had been 8 months since we had seen Maw. When mom comes in the Spring, it's appropriately timed. "New life". Her visit is something we all look forward to.
This is a synopsis of the visit...
Tuesday night: Met Maw at the SLC airport
Weds: Kids played hookie, made band bracelets and necklaces; we went to the Muppet's Movie, we had Maw's chilli, and then Mom and I went to the Hale to see Big River.
Thursday: After school treats, Mom's fried chicken legs (showing Jenna the hopes), hi-lighted mom's hair, up with Gage with croup
Friday: JCWs, Shopping with the boys, play-dough, Peruvian
Saturday: Chuck a Rama, shopping, lightening bugs, fire pit
Sunday: Mom woke up with the crazy eye, Taco soup, Breakfast for dinner, Call the Midwife
Monday: Date day with mom,  Cafe Rio, Menchies, Guitars, Yahtzee

Muppet's Most Wanted

Hale Center theater for Big River

Mom is known fro her good cooking. She showed Jenna how to do some things.

Mom was brave. I high-lighted her hair. It went blonde looking soooo fast. The package said about 40 minutes, and after 10 it looked blonde. After I washed her out, it was not as blonde as it was golden. She liked it.

This is a JCW; somehow we were the profile picture for a few days on JCW's facebok page.

If you play play-dough with Gage and Trevor they will love you forever. If you are Maw and play play-dough with them, they will love it even more!

Mom was easy to get to laugh today. :D

We made some lightening bugs from a pinterest idea. It was a mild success.

Gage's version of Yathzee

As Zac said: "working on a large house"!

The fire pit. We roasted hotdogs and smores.