Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Derby Party is almost here!

Well the Derby Party is almost here!

We are so excited. I finished my hat.

I plan to post pictures of all the ladies' hats after the party.

Here are my Top 4: Colonel John, Pyro, Monba, and Big Brown.

Dad, who are you betting on? You all going again with Billy O?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Lace!

I hope that you had an awesome day.
Love you and Miss you in Oklahoma!
I know the picture quality is almost grotesque, but you are lovely and so happy as always. This was in 2000, after an SUU football game, sitting on somebody's hood.
(too bad I appear to be straining)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jenna Time

Today I went to pick the kids up early from preschool/daycare, and Zac was already asleep for nap, so I picked up just Jenna- and we had some time just the 2 of us. It was fun. We did just the kind of stuff I know that she loves. She was so happy.
Steve will occasionally take Jenna to the movies and they get popcorn and sprite. Jenna thinks that it is awesome.
The other day Steve took Zac to Ace to look at the sporting goods and taught him about guns and deer. Zac came home so excited.
It's fun to spend time with them individually. They sure feel special!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The 134th Kentucky Derby is May 3rd...You are invited!

Last year, Steve's Uncle Vic and Aunt Mindy invited us to join them at the Kentucky Derby. Vic's company is based out of Louisville, KY and they treat their best clients to a day at the Derby. One of their clients was unable to attend, so Vic and Mindy called us. At the time we lived only about 1 hour from Churchill Downs. It was Friday night, we made arrangements for a sitter and I was off to the store for a hat and an outfit. I could not find much at that hour in little Madison to wear, so I desperately went with an old faithful church dress that worked out just fine. Mindy said "You must have a hat!". I thought that was a little cheesy, but I did get a Wal-mart hat and poked a artificial flower in it and was terribly self-conscious in it...until we arrived! Hats and style are half the fun of the Derby. The other 1/2 is the excitement of the race. The horses are real athletes.
The races make it easy to be a Steve and I got the fever last year. We were standing on the bleachers yelling as they thundered by. Steve then decided that we would have a party this year for Derby whether we lived in Indiana or Lissa is hosting in her beautiful home in Orem, UT. You are invited, click here to see the sweet invitations that Lissa made.
We want RSVPs by the 21st so just post on my or Lissa's site if you want us to count you in.
It will be so fun. Women, you have to wear a hat! There will be door prizes and games. Your little ones are welcome- and Lissa's house is plenty big- so bring it on if you can. We will have Kentucky style food and Mint Juleps to boot. We'll watch the races and enjoy the company of friends and family.
Even if you can't make it up to play (fam and friends in IN, KY, OK, NM, CA, WA, AZ, TN and even NV and those great-with-child: Brig), and you have a few extra dollars, make a hat with me! I am going to make my hat, and I am trying for something a little more fun this year! I have some ideas off the internet. Post it on your site when you are done. And I'll make a gallery. What a fun project- I thought the kids might do one too! It is said that the most important characteristic of a Kentucky Derby hat is its originality – make it yourself.

Monday, April 14, 2008


So last Friday night, the 4th, Steve and I wrote up our first official offer on a home in Enoch. We heard monday that they were unwilling to negotiate the asking price, and so we moved on- although we did like the size of the home and the lot. We were disappointed and appreciate the encouragement via blog and phone from family and friends " 'if this house doesn't work out, then it wasn't meant to be...' "
Well on Wednesday night the Bravada wouldn't start. I was off on Thursday and Friday so it wasn't imperative that we address that- being that it is the end of tax season,-so I was stranded at home for a couple of days. On Friday night, after Steve got home, we went for a ride to get out of the house and looked at homes again- it has become a past time. We looked in Enoch again. (For our folk back home, Enoch is less than the distance from Madison to Hanover, but the same idea).
After the kids went to bed, I got on and looked at homes in our range again, and looked at some homes that are close to where we currently live. There were 3 that were affordable, the pictures in the MLS looked good, and they met our criteria (affordable, fenced backyard and big enough). So that night I dreamt about a house on that road. I was supposed to work that next day, but was put on call, and so I called our Realtor and told him I had some more MLS numbers that we'd like to see...he said that he had an opening at 1:30pm and that he would make some arrangements. To make a long story a little less long, we saw this home last and loved it. It is such a good fit. We made an offer that night (thank you Christian for being such an exceptional Broker from Castle Rock in Orem!), and we found out today at 10am that they accepted our offer! We are so excited and things have worked out so well. It is 0.2 mile from the school that Jenna is already registered at for kindergarten, and it is 0.2 mile from Zac's daycare that he loves. We don't need to do much to it, aside from clean the carpets- it even has a fridge and gas range that stay! Pending all the stuff for closing goes well, we will be "like real grown ups" as my friend Tiff said today. We mostly feel happy, like the Lord is mindful of us and knows the desires of our hearts. Yea!
If it falls thru- we are getting our teeth whitened, and are going to Milt's (nicest restaurant in Cedar) to cry on our steak and shrimp.

By the way, no worries, a new battery and voila, the Bravada is cruisin' again!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steve's Trip to China

These are some pictures of Steve's business trip to China.
He was in China for a week reviewing the audits of 2 multi-million-dollar companies in Bejing and Baoding. The purpose of the trip is to review the audits as representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the US government. This was his company's maiden voyage to China. He traveled with a fellow accountant from his firm here in Cedar. He said that the Chinese were gracious, his translator was great, and the food was interesting... He obviously got to play a little too.

Click on the caption symbol in the sideshow to see what Steve had to say about the picture that you are viewing.

I have links here to The Forbidden City, The Grand National Theater, the Great Wall of China, the Lake he went to see, and info on the Olympics games in Beijing this Summer 2008.

The Office

So, we like The Office around here, and tonight is the first new episode since the writers strike. We are excited.
I love Pam and Jim, not nearly as much as Edward and Bella though. I am such a dork, I know!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A little of China

I am waiting for Steve to help me with the pics of his trip to China... for now here are a couple pics of the things he brought for the kids. Jenna got this beautiful Chinese dress and Zac's shirt says "dragon". Seems appropriate, he is a little dragon lately. Don't let that smile fool ya. (that's another post all together)

Steve was sweet enough to bring me back some Pearls. I think Pearls are so classy. Thanks babe.

Butler Wash

Steve and I took a little hike up to Butler Wash and Indian Ruins just outside of Blanding , UT. (Thank you Scot and Julene for the date, we know Zac is a maniac.)
Then we went and shot the guns at beer bottles and hairspray cans.
It was fun. Steve and I decided that a sedentary lifestyle isn't so cool and there is so much that we can do...even with the kidos. Utah is gorgeous and offers a lot for an active lifestyle. We want to be more active. There was a day when we could hang with the best of them- but now- not so much. Steve was reminded as he hiked the Great Wall in China, and I was reminded when Jenna thought the trampoline might break when I got on and all the springs squeaked!
Here are some pics.
Do you know of any good places to go as a family, have fun, and move our buns?

A Trip to Blanding

Jenna and Grandma have started a tradition of baking cookies together. Jenna loves that.

Zac and Jenna played in the back yard at Grandad and Grandma's. There were little seed/blossoms things that fell off the trees that Zac thought were alive. He was
scared of them as they flew onto the trampoline. They did look a lot like a caterpillar. Here is a picture. (I should look up the tree so I don't seem like an ignoramus, but oh well.) He picked them up fearfully and once it only wiggled a little in the breeze, he said "he likes me!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hidden Valley Park

Hey, this is the link to that park in St George that rocked! It is awesome: take kites, sand pails, Frisbees, balls, drinks, and a change of clothes( if you plan to frolic in the water fountain)- or just go. It's great!

Winding Down, some thoughts

Well Mom is home in Indiana, Lissa has gone back home to Orem, and Steve is on his way from the Vegas airport.
Mom, thanks so much for coming...I know that not everyone can see their family that lives far away, we are glad that you came to see us. Thanks for spending your Spring Break with us.
Liss, Thanks for coming down and "saving our bacon". You are always generous. Chillis rocked last night. Thanks for cleaning the house and taking the kids to daycare. I know the kids were a bit wild since they were Status-Post Ma-ectomy, and because well, they are our kids. Thanks for the good conversation, your insight and friendship.
Also, I want to thank my friend Tiff for her depth and wisdom. I was telling her that I thought Zac would not do well the day mom left, and that it wouldn't be a good idea if he came to the airport for good-byes- (the nightmare of when we flew from Indiana and she waving at the gate flooded my mind, Zac cried for ma desperately.- I worried people thought that I was taking him from his mom, since "Ma"sounds like "mom") Tiff suggested that maybe my prediction of his feelings were also a reflection of my feelings, or that I felt the same way. At the time, I thought that was only possibly true. I remember not being emotional as I thought about her leaving, after all, I am an adult and I know that she loves me, etc, etc. But Tiff is almost always right when it comes to things and me...we took the kids to daycare, and lo and behold, I am the one crying as she hugged Zac and Jenna goodbye. The kids were obviously sad and Zac looked very disappointed and even lonely, but didn't bawl how I had imagined. He has asked about her, but maybe he feels peace because he knows that he will again see her- or again maybe that is my feeling.
Lastly, on a different note...I am glad that Steve was away...not really, but it made me be independent again. What I mean is, I had to drive to Las Vegas airport alone twice! I know you Las Vegas women scoff, but it was way stressful for me. We are talking sweat rings and chest pain! Thank goodness for Hillary Weeks (see a song of her's on the playlist to the left) and deep breathing. All is well. It is good to do those things on my own, it helps me to know that I can. I can also see that my age is wearing on me, I say that because I am less excited "to get out there and do it". I can see why old people get "set in their ways" and like routine. It's easier. I will resist, however.

I am glad that Steve is back (or nearly here). I have missed his companionship. Pictures of china to come....

Oh and we are bidding on a house, yes, Jeanine, that is right. We aren't really "in the market", we have some "ends to tie up", blah blah blah, but because we are youthful and adventurous, and possibly faithful, we are going to do it...if they accept the offer, that is. :)