Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins this year

This is one of my most favorite traditions. We carved and listened to Pandora's Halloween channel.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mom's Visit- Fallbreak 2012

Mom and the kids first thing in the morning- her first morning.
 She always brings an extra suitcase (yes,a suitcase) full of things for the kids: books, toys, and more books!

Monday- Zoo

Like the monkeys that they are.

This Polar Bear was truly entertaining the zoo guests. So cool.

Observing the 3 week old baby giraffe

 Scera night: Flat Stanley

...with Steve's cousin and the Music director/actor in the show: Andrew

Posing with Flat Stanley himself

Tuesday: Target, McDonalds, cookies, everyday life

Mouth full of nuggets...fist full of frogs

Cookie project

Mom was happy just "being there".
The kids were in school, so she was a part of the routine.
 She met Jenna's friends, did homework with the kids, and saw the things they do and enjoy.

 Thursday- Crafts, Peruvian, Madagascar 3



Found this idea on Pinterest

Watching Madagascar 3

Friday: Costco, Walmart, Game Night, the finale....squeeze it all in


Zac had to show Ma his skills

We played Clue, Yahtzee, Old Maid, and Hide and Go Seek. I think Hide and Go Seek was the most fun.

Steve made his famous Carmel popcorn for dessert. We had Zuppa's lobster bisque for dinner.

Group pic of the finished Halloween "trash"

Love my friend. Wednesday Kristi came for a few hours so mom and I could go to lunch alone and shop for a while.
That was great. :)

Needs a frame!

"We laugh, we cry. We make time fly. Best friends are mom and me."- author unknown

Thank you mom for the sacrifices you still make for me. Thanks for coming and making me and the kids feel so special. As Trevor says, "It's boring without Maw here!"Love you <3 p="p">

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gage's 2nd Birthday

For his second birthday, Gage woke up to his Maw, a Dino Dan T-shirt, and Krispy Creme donuts.
After breakfast we headed to the park for a little party.

Gage borrowing a bike. The Y-bike was a marginal success.

"All aboard"

Gage with Aunt "Sissy"

Trev getting instructions from Little C

Part of the crew

My baby and me

A friendly game of soccer- Grown ups vs kids

He was so excited when we gave it to him.  He is trying not to smile.
 Gage's gift from us was a bike, so we thought we would go to the park with our bikes and scooters and play for a while. All the kids had fun. There was a play ground area, a paved trial, and plenty of grass to run in.
 It was a little chili and smattering rain, but the pizza was good and the company was great. It was fun to have mom there; Scot and Julene also came up, which was really nice. Grandpa and Grandma came too. Lissa and crew came, along with Kevin and his family. I wish I would have gotten a group shot of everyone...
Isn't he so dang cute!?
 That night I had to work, but that is ok. The little guy was tuckered out.