Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eat. PLay. Laugh. Love. My Mom

SLC airport (Zac wanted to hold the sign)
Mom came out the last week of March. Mom and I talk about her visits out here. It’s like cooking a big meal. It takes s time and patience, and once it is served, it is amazing and delicious- but gone so quickly. We look forward and plan and wait and count and then she got here and it passed so quickly. We did have a great time. We played, ate and spent time together. I miss her hugs already.
Wednesday we shopped at Winco after making a menu. We really did buy about everything that we wanted. Mom’s basket was fun food and treats; she is such a fun mom and grandma. We had CafĂ© Rio for lunch. That afternoon, we played and then had fried chicken for dinner. I had mutual. That night we introduced mom to Last Man Standing and the Big Bang.
Thursday we went to the map store in Lindon that is a mom and teacher’s heaven. Teaching tools, fun toys, educational tools and games. Lots of Melissa and Doug. Mom bought the kids bases for kickball/baseball and jump ropes. We made a healthier version of a Reuben for lunch and headed to school for mom to join Jenna’s class for a 30-45 min lesson on Indiana and the adventures of Flat Stanley.
 I didn’t watch. I took the little boys for a walk and playing at the park across the street from school. 
Mom said that it went well, and I know Jenna was happy to have her Maw come to her classroom. That afternoon we went to the park after a pit stop at ShopKo for outdoor toys, like balls and bats for the kids. 

At the park, mom pushed the kids on the swings and played soccer with Jenna and Zac. That was fun. I loved having my mom there at the park with us. 
That night we ran down to Provo for Peruvian food with Lissa’s crew. We had Lomo Saltallo. That isn’t spelled right, but if you could taste it, you wouldn’t care either. We played bananagrams after the kids were asleep.

Friday were ran some errands and then mom made delicious tortellini soup for lunch. That afternoon we played outside and time flew by. Mom and I had a vision of a play area in the back yard and got some inspiration from pinterest. 

We started to dig out a sandbox area, and when Steve got home, I drug him to Lowe’s for 300 lbs of sand! We made some progress on the sandbox, ate homemade pizza, watched Teen Titans with the kids, and then put them to bed.

Saturday the weather was predicted to be blustery. We opted to work on the sandbox, and then go to the pet store or something when the wind picked up instead of going to the Zoo. The weather turned out to be perfect and the wind never really came. 

We finished up the sandbox and mom bought sand toys for the kids for Easter. They loved the sandbox! All day we played outside, we also watched the UK game. Mom made stuffed shells for dinner. After dinner, we girls left for the mall. Jenna had her hair cut and fixed at the salon. She was so pretty. Then mom and I made an unforgettable memory when we had our eyebrows threaded- mom is hilarious. 
We came home and played bananagrams again, this time with Zac, not Steve.
 Sunday we chilled out in the morning as it wasn’t a church day with it being Conference weekend. The weather had turned colder. I cleaned up and mom cooked for the masses. We had Steve’s siblings and their spouses and kids over. That was fun. Mom made possibly the biggest meatball/meatloaf ever. 

 Monday is early out, and so I said to heck with it, and let the big kids stay home on Maw’s last day. By 10:30am we were headed to swim. That is a big deal for 2 women who hate their bodies in a swim suit. We all had fun though! Trev was mom’s swim buddy. I love the Lehi pool. I think the temp was 98 degrees.
 Getting dressed in the dressing room afterward was nothing short of craziness. 

That afternoon, the kids and I put on a puppet show for mom, then watched the video playback and laughed our heads off. (I will upload that here). Then we headed to Pizza Pie Cafe for our last hoorah. Zac earn a coupon for reading, and so he felt like he treated. That was fun. Flat Stanley came too. That night mom and I, as per tradition, went through all of our pictures and sent them to Walgreens in Madison, so she could have them shortly after she got home. She packed her things, maybe slept 3 hours and headed for SLC at 4am.

Just like that I was missing her sitting in the front seat of the van with me again. I am so grateful that she chooses to come out here on her break when I know she could use that time “off” doing a million other things. Thank you mom for making me and my kids a priority in your life. I love you, thank you for EVERYTHING!

Egg Run. Fun. Blanding

We decided that we would head down to Blanding for the Easter weekend. The kids had Spring Break the Monday after Easter, and I don’t work Mondays so it worked out nice. I didn’t get off of work in time Friday night, so we waited until Sat morning to head to Blanding. This time we took the truck. It is easier on the dog and we wanted to take the kids’ bikes. For some reason Gage has developed a strong aversion to car seats, so that was pleasant on the drive down, although he did settle down. The little guys slept a few winks, but otherwise the drive down was quite long…but pretty.

When we got there, Julene already had the coloring eggs stuff set out. After we ate, the kids got right to it and colored eggs and iced sugar cookies in their choice of icing. Scot joined us and we drove out by Devil’s Canyon for an “egg roll” and cookout.

The Egg Run Trail


Chevy Commercial

 I have never even heard of an egg roll, but it is an awesome tradition that we will have to adopt. You find a slope/hill, dig out a path with a hand shovel or hoe and roll your recently colored eggs down the path. Whoever has the least need for nudges to get the egg to the finish line wins. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity. In the meantime, there is a fire going in the pit, getting coals hot for hot dog roasting. Of course Zac, and TR- to a lesser degree, loved the fire, but there were no mishaps. It was fun to have a campfire and little cookout. It’s been over 2 years since we have done that. The kids loved exploring, aside for a goose egg on Trev’s head and a couple near misses with cacti; it was very enjoyable and memorable. Plus, the weather was great. That night we watched videos on about the Savior and the Resurrection. After the kids were in bed, we assisted the Easter bunny and hit they hay.

 Sunday I woke up to a very excited TR, which I could no longer contain, so we woke up the big kids and Steve. It is Steve’s family tradition to place candy all over the floor on Easter morning, and then you have your bucket to gather the candy. TR, very observantly, stated that the Easter Bunny is messy.
 Zac went outside and did a 1 man Easter egg hunt and came in with every pocket busting and hands full of goodies and said, “What?” I guess we should have told him the eggs were for everyone to hunt. Some things aren’t as obvious to kids, I guess. Sorry Julene for all the work. It did make Zac happy.
Gage is picking his nose, I think. Trevor is winking at the camera. Hilarious.

Overestimated the tie length

Gager! Get back here!

The wink again.

I would rather dance than be good in church.

 We literally let them eat whatever they wanted all morning. Whoppers, jelly beans, pixie sticks, m&ms and suckers. No wonder Trev and Gage were AWFUL at church. Steve and I spent most of the time outside with the little ones. They sure did all look cute, although I couldn’t get a good picture. But as I reflected, I figured this is just life. They are cute, even in a chaotic picture. I am thankful for my family tradition of the importance of Easter and dressing up in your Sunday best for this special celebration.

Black eye, like a real pioneer man.
 That evening we went down to Bluff Fort that is memorial to the pioneer settlers in SE Utah. It was fun to see the Cabin replicas, read about the great pioneers, some of which are in Steve’s blood line, and also to have the kids see the handcarts and covered wagons. The weather was beautiful. Trev managed to get a black eye and Jenna was stung by a fire ant, but these things make it an adventure! That night we played Bananagrams. OH and I watched Breaking Dawn and loved it that morning.

Monday we would leave, but before we headed out, we had a really great and memorable time with Steve’s parents and Brandon at the elementary school playground. I wish that I would have taken pictures! We played, and I mean the adults too, 4-square and kick ball. We also jumped rope, even Steve. The kids swung and rode their bikes. Gage loves the red and yellow car. He pushed that all over the lot. When he got back to us, he simply lied down on the black top. He was a tired boy, and YES they all slept a little on the way home. But before we left for home, we saw Granny. The kids love her candy bowl and playing her tinker toys. That is good. Steve has fond memories there.

We had a really great Easter and had a terrific time in Blanding. Julene made it a lot of fun. Thank you!
 The drive home was much better.