Friday, August 29, 2008

Born, 1, 2, 3!

Happy Birthday Zac! Can you believe that he is 3?

we are planning a weekend to Blanding this afternoon, so we thought that we would open presents and eat cake for breakfast (which happens to be Steve's family tradition anyway). When this morning came, Zac was sleeping-in for once and so we decided not to do it this morning before Steve went to work, but Steve didn't put the cake and presents away that we had out on the table the night before. So I woke up this morning to small noises in the kitchen. I went down the stairs and saw Zac eating the corner of his cake. He didn't look guilty nor did he assume that I would be mad, he just looked happy! I wasn't mad (that prayer helped), he was having a special day. Happy birthday Zacy! We love you and wish we could be as happy and forgiving and sweet as you...with some of your energy.


Kindergarten started Tuesday. I cried on the way out of the door. I didn't care that people in the hall saw me crying. I was leaving my baby to the world. It wasn't the day itself, it was what it represented, or what the rest of her life would be...I hoped that others would be kind and love her, that she would have friends, that she would excel, that her teacher would see that she is special, that someone would watch out for her, that she would be confident in herself and love who she is. I hoped that she would make good choices and be nice to others. I hoped that she would listen and use her manners.
I guess I can't duplicate how it felt. I just wanted the world to be gentle with my little girl.
She had a good first day, but was disappointed that Kindergarten would be everyday. Wednesday she said, "you mean today is not a stay-at-home-and-play-day?" She is still a little girl after all.

Tooth Fairy Visit

Jenna lost her first tooth last week, we put her tooth next to her bed, and Jenna said very skeptical, "for real mom..there's a tooth fairy?"
Sure enough the tooth fairy remembered her. Jenna was real excited in the morning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Snips, snails and puppy dog tails. Do you think they say puppy dog tails because they are endlessly moving? Snails because they love dirt and slime, and why snips, or is it snakes?

Either way, as rough and tumble as Zac is, he has his moments of sweetness. A true blessing to me. I cut my hair and colored it brown a couple weeks ago now and without any discussion of my hair, Zac says. "I like your hair mommy" and his eyes lingered on me and he smiled. Another day, I got off work, and mind you that I am useless to the world after I work, anyhow, I changed my clothes into something comfortable, and considering that I started this pregnancy several pounds heavier than with Zac, I don't have a lot of options. I was wearing men's XXL scrub pants cinched on that I need to return to the OR and a T shirt that was entirely too small. I pulled my hair back and put on my glasses, and when I walked down the stairs he said, "you look cute mommy", and patted my leg with a smile. Then finally the other morning , I worked a night shift and as I was coming up the stairs to go to bed, he was just waking for the day, he said as he always says when he sees Steve or myself coming home, "I am so glad you're home after working all day" followed with a hug. Then he told me to take off my scrub top (I guess to ensure that I was staying). Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I told him to cuddle with daddy and wait in bed for me. When I slid in bed, he said, "Umm, mommy, your breath smells so good! I love you" and then he Eskimo kissed me. This little boy's skin is so soft on my face, especially that morning. I nearly cried, I was so touched by the love of this little boy, especially in those moments that I may be struggling to love myself.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Somewhere between Brian Head and Panguich Lake, we turned off of a dirt road and then off of that dirt road and set up our tent. This was our first overnighter with the kids and the dog. It was so fun. The kids really loved it! We hiked and enjoyed the things the kids observed. Jenna said of a tree that fell, "a chipmonster" must have got that one"- chipmunk. The kids and I rode down the dirt road in the bed of the truck, and Jenna thought that the "concreek" was beautiful- she was looking at the creek. They also loved to hear their echo. It seemed that Zac thought someone was talking back to him. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him on Steve's shoulders, he was so at home up there, the way he rested his hands on top of Steve's head. Zac loved picking out and then throwing rocks, and Jenna brought me more than a couple bouquets of weeds. There is something about camping that brings the family together. Overnight it gets to around 40 degrees on the mountain, but we all stayed warm and the kids were real champs with their little sleeping bags and flashlights, even the dog did well. It was a good experience. Next time, I'd like to fish, build a fire for dutch oven and smores, and Jenna will keep working on squatting to pee.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthdays over the years!

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Jenna had her 5th birthday yesterday. She is growing up! We love you Jenna Lou. Happy 5th birthday beautiful!

Thank you to those that called her and sent gifts, she is loved...and a little rotten!