Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trevor Scot is 4!

It finally came. After months and months of waiting, Trevor's birthday came. He has been excited for it since around Jenna's birthday in July. He had to suffer through everyone else in the family having a birthday since that time.
 Trev is still attending Mrs Cheryl's preschool. Thursday, I went to school with him and did a spotlight on him. We brought the Kindle loaded with pictures of him and things that he loves, and showed the other kids. We also took some toys to show and tell what he enjoys. Mrs. Cheryl was good to him and made him feel special.
 Today was his actual Birthday. I really wanted it to be special for him. Trevor is a sweet boy, and I just wanted him to feel like it was all about him.
 He asked for "100 little Lego guys, 2 power rangers and some crocs." He also requested goopy eggs and oreos for breakfast and lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese.
 We celebrated at Chuck-E Cheese with Hayk. (They have the exact same birthday, off by 1 year.) The kids had a great time.
We opened presents from family, and Trevor is now loaded with Legos and little guys. He went to bed a happy boy.
 Thank you to all that care so much about him, and made his day special.

This is a picture of Trevor with my mom via Skype. She was here when he opened his present from her.

Kristi, our beloved babysitter, got Lego guys too, with conversation bubbles to add. Cool!

He got Crocs!

Chuck-E-Cheese with Kaiden

Gage will not smile. Literally protesting a smile.

Hayk and Kevin

Happy Birthday to you!

Some of the crew

Uncle Jeff came down

These are Anna's homemade cake pops. Beautiful....and tasty!

My beautiful boy

Sunny is playing too

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family gets together

We have had some fun with family this winter. Great food and good times with Steve's family.

Superbowl party at Lissa's

BFFs still- at the Superbowl party. The kids played and the adults watched the game and played Ticket to Ride
Kevin and Jeff came down to drop off the Wii. We bought Jeff's because ours has been on the fritz for a while. The boys are excited to have one that works again.
You should taste it! Delicious, authentic Armenian Dolma. Anna taught us! I should have gotten pictures of us making it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jenna Louise

This is prior to church. She is wearing a Christmas dress and sweater from Regina
and her charm bracelet from Aunt Carrie. She was feeling good about herself!

Jenna just keeps growing up! Steve tells her she needs to stay 9. Jenna is a lot of fun, but she may grey us sooner than later.

Jenna headed to school- field trip to see the Orchestra.
Jenna and her friend Jeremy
Jenna's first Valentine from a boy! (sigh...yes, from Jeremy)
Cambelle, Jenna, Jeremy after school party with the EZ Bake oven.

Friday, February 8, 2013

School- for mom

I am over half way through my 3rd term at Frontier, pursing my Masters in Nursing. Things are going well. I couldn't be successful without Steve....and my little helpers (well, that is probably a lie). I should be done late 2015.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Days 2013

SNOW! Yes, this has been a good year for snow here. It has also been cold and overcast. We all have a bit of cabin fever, but have had a few days outside.

This is at a home in Orem. - they made the news.

There have been so many cold days that we have been inside a lot. I think that the little boys and I watch Tangled daily. We occasionally mix it up and have fun!
Check out the tongue concentration

"...Wash the spider out"
Then he crashes, even with his arm in the chip bag!