Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There is so much to catch up on. Steve's family was here for the blessing, and we are grateful that they spent their Spring Break here. I wasn’t much for entertaining yet, and Steve had to work like normal, but the park was nice, the company was great, and I know that everyone loved the pool.
The following weekend, Steve packed a picnic, and we drove to a place called
Cold Creek. It was more like a small lake. It was great for the dog to run and swim and the kids to splash in. I didn't pack extra clothes, so the kids rode home mostly naked. They thought that was funny. That was a fun afternoon. Thanks Steve.
My mom came for her Spring break this past week. It was so nice to have her. I had nothing shy of a mountain of laundry, and she caught that up. It was fun to be with her and no real agenda. Also she watched the boys while I ran a couple of errands during the day. One of those errands was a job interview on a Labor and Delivery unit. It was at the hospital that I delivered. The interview went well, and I am grateful that they offered me the job on Friday. Women having babies is job security. I am glad to be a nurse in this economic climate, because heaven knows that I have to work. I start May 11. We need the income, but the thought of it nauseates me. I hate leaving a baby. Plus I start orientation on days and it’s 4 10 hour shifts for the duration of orientation, then I will do nights. Orientation is 3 months…all summer. We are sooo grateful that 2 of my friends here have offered to watch the kids for the summer. My kids love them both, and I am so relieved that I will leave Trevor with them and not at a daycare as a newborn! What a huge blessing!
This week is Jenna’s Spring break. We are enjoying chillin at home and heading outside when the weather invites us. Play dates, playdough, movies, and a couple crafts/activities that I have planned should round it out. However, I got out a parenting book tonight because Zac is making me crazy!!!! On a bright note he is doing awesome using the potty! Yeah!!!!
Trevor is 5 weeks old now
. I'd love to go on and on how wonderful it’s been to have him, but I will spare you of all the tender feelings. But know that he does smell wonderful, he is like in the top 3 cutest babies ever, and he is growing too fast. I know you are going to love this smile!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet baby

Today was Trevor's baby blessing. It was a tender blessing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The blessing is Sunday

We are glad to have Steve's family come this upcoming weeekend to see the baby!
We have decided to bless Trevor that Sunday so they can be a part of that special day.
All family and freinds are invited to come.
It is at our church building on Tates Creek here in Lexington at 9 am.
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