Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Time 2014

Merry Christmas

Getting in the Christmas Spirit at Lissa's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Getting festive with outdoor lights! The kids likes helping. 

Gage's Christmas program. <> He was a stinker. 

Post-program pic

Oh Christmas tree... we finally found you. We actually went to another lot or 2 and settled on this one from Lowe's. Jenna insisted on a "full" tree. Steve and I insisted on not paying an arm or a leg. it is. 

Santa came to my work party. Gage was convinced he was a fake, and wouldn't sit on his lap. (He was scared of him, truth be told...that and we have watched Elf too many times!)

Christmas lights display at Thanksgiving point. We sang Christmas carols on the way and after we ate at JCWs. 

This was a success. First we watched some of the bible story/nativity videos on, then we acted it out. The kids were surprisingly into it. Let's be honest, it was awesome. 

Santa came!
It was a white Christmas!

The kids played with their new  things and had a good day. 

It was a nice Christmas. Just very relaxing as we did not fight the snow to go to Blanding. With ALL of us out of school and me off weekends/holidays, it was awesome.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Steve's Birthday 36!

These kiddos love their daddy. No, there's not 36 candles. Don't bother counting!

This was a blast (for both of us) We had good seats to watch a good game between the Heat and the Jazz. 12/12/14