Sunday, February 27, 2011

"I two!"

Trev had his 2nd birthday last Wednesday the 23rd. He is stinkin' cute. We would tell him that "it's your birthday!" and he would say, "Yeah! It my birthday!" We went to play at Carl's Jr playland that afternoon. The kids thought that it was wonderful (who would have thought I could be so wonderful by taking them there for free!?) Later that night, he got to choose what he wanted to eat for dinner.  He said that he wanted a burr-ee-toe for his birthday dinner. 
We had icecream and cake this past Saturday to celebrate. We made party hats, decorated cupcakes and ate icecream and cake. The kids had fun with Trev's new toys. Trev also liked his new Dora shirt and DVD.
 Sporting his new Dora Shirt.

 Trev loves Uncle "Ke'in"
 Jenna and Gage in their hats.

 Clown Cupcakes

 The toy cart from ma was a big hit.
 Dino jammies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The toy store

I read about this toy/candy store called Blickenstaff"s in North Provo and thought that it would be fun to go to as a family. (I wouldn't dare brave it parent-solo.) It was one of those things that could go either way. There could have been whining and destruction and wildness, and thus yelling, frustration and tears, but instead there was minimal whining and wildness (and no destruction that I know of.), and smiles. Plus we were essentially the only ones there for the 40 minutes or so that we perused the toys and tested them out. I did hear about a million times, "do I have enough money for this?"  and I responded nearly a million times, "no, you have $5.00". So they opted for a happy meal to spend their money on and 2 dollars change, except Zac, who bought a 3-foot gummy snake for $2.35. Thanks Ma for the Valentine dollars. It was a fun time!

4 months Happy

Gage was 4 months on the 13th. He is a happy boy. He does have the loudest cry of all the kids, and he uses his cry effectively when he is tired or hungry. Otherwise, he will smile at the drop of a hat and drools buckets.
This picture is at the Hogle Zoo last Saturday. It was nice to get outdoors, the 40s left like a heat wave.

Well Gage's stats at 4 months are
26 1/2 inches (92%ile)
16 lbs 8 oz (78 %ile)
43.2 cm head (72%ile)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


What is it about a baby in a hat? Is it that their eyes stand out or the adorable squeezy cheeks? Maybe they look less bald. Whatever it is, I have always loved my babies in a hat.
 This is Gage, looking cute. Week-daily, we bundle up and get in the van and drive down the street to the bus stop and wait for Zac's bus. When we get back, this is where Gage lands until Trev and I get our coats and shoes off.

100 days of school

They did this in Kentucky for Jenna, and this year the kids are doing it here- celebrating the 100th day of school.   Last week, Thursday, was Jenna's 100th day of school, but she stayed home from school playing very convincing hooky, and was devastated when she realized that night that she missed her 100th day party...that was, according to her friends, AMAZING! They had donuts and ate the 100 pieces of cereal they had counted out and brought earlier in the week.  I did feel bad for her. Steve and I are hoping that it was a lesson that she learned the hard way. No lecturing was necessary after that sad consequence.
 Zac started Kindergarten the week after the rest of the elementary, so his special day is tomorrow. He has to bring 100 pieces of cereal to eat for the celebratory breakfast and also  a poster with 100 items. Googly eyes it is! The poster reads in his "best" handwriting, "100 eyes for 100 days". This is his alien that he glued 100 assorted googly eyes to, that we had in 1 of our many crazy craft Tupperwares. It's always fun to look in those- rubber bands, clothes pins, Popsicle sticks and always an item that makes me say, "that is where that is!".
Anyway, when the little boys were sleeping and Jenna was still at school, Zac and I counted and created. He is good with numbers, now if he could just be a little better with his ears and agreeability.