Friday, January 30, 2009

Tidy pants

Zac likes to spread/throw/disperse the popcorn on the floor after he is finished eating what he wants of it much like a seed spreader, bird feeder (the creepy Home Alone 2 lady comes to mind) or zoo keeper (Curious George does this at the zoo in a book of Zac's). Cinderella does this too, just that she is in a barn! He likes to do this, so when I discover it, I unhappily tell him that he has to clean it up (which takes 3xs as long for him than me). Well, unfortunate as it is, he stands in time-out anxiously then gladly vacuums. This is him, doing his thing. He is pretty good at it too. It makes me crazy...I am glad that he likes to help though. He likes to load the dishwasher and washing machine too.

O, yeah, that's right, still in a diaper at 3.4 years and shirtless, even after a FHE on being modest/privacy and wearing clothes (because he likes to talk about his "naked butt" and other unmentionable. Also because Jenna is getting older) . He keeps it real to life.

A Good Day

Give thanks for a good day (especially since yesterday was bad.) We went to McDonalds, A fun place called Bounce U, and then to the public library that had a great kids section.
It was fun. We went with our buddies: Angie, Brooke and Isaac, who we all love. It was so good to see Zac and Jenna run and play their hearts out and not get into trouble at Bounce U. They had a blast! Then they were good at the library! It was pushing it, but they did it!
What a great day after an entire week of snow days, yuck roads and bad weather with anti-snowman snow.
We are also grateful for electricity that we have not been without at home.
The camera was on the computer desk the whole time! Oh well.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Doctor

Today school is canceled. Jenna and Zac are both here with me. Jenna has been wanting to play with some musical instrument toys that I haven't unpacked from a Tupperware tote in the garage. There were some long lost toys in there from before our move even to Utah a year ago. They haven't seen these toys in about 14 months. It was like Christmas. Anyway there was a doctors set in there.
Jenna came into the kitchen where I was doing the dishes and took my hand telling me that I needed to see the doctor. I read an article last night about taking your time and doing stuff with your kids, sending them a message that they are important, so I agreed and had an appointment with her. She took my temperature, my BP, looked in my ears and checked my reflexes and then said that I wasn't sick! I was just going to have a baby. I was curious how she thought that that was going to happen when she told me it was going to happen right now!
She said "you need to lay down, and you need 7 shots", and so she gave them to me in my belly. She pushed on my belly twice and Tada! A baby!
Gosh wasn't that easy!?

Anyway, I thought that Jenna's way sounded great! And was cute how she thought it would work. There is no need for education on the topic at this point. The poor dear is having enough trouble with sounding out words.

Loved this cartoon. If I didn't have heartburn, among other things, then I would like to wait a bit longer too.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things today.

The weather has been nice here, no Henderson, NV (that was for you Tiff, I miss you), but nicer than it has been. High 40's/Low 50's! Yesterday we went to a big park that had a "dog park" it was probably 3 acres fenced-in for dogs to run. It was nice for Sunny. In fact, she thinks that we are best friends now. She keeps following me around. I think that she is wanting to go back. There were probably between 7 and 10 dogs there. She had a blast and was a good dog. We met our friends there with their Lab. I didn't get any pictures, darn it. That was fun though. The kids enjoyed the fresh air, their friends, and went to bed early.
I am feeling good today. "The sun is shining, the tank is clean" (Finding Nemo) and Zac is asleep! We plan to see my family this weekend. That will be nice. We are going to "Hotel for Dogs" with the cousins tomorrow. This is the last hoo-rah before mandatory Saturdays for tax season.
I met Steve's cousin, Kristen, that was great. We are so blessed to have been able to make friends and meet people. Thank you for coming by, Kristen with cute little Ellie who seems to not mind Zac as she has a 3 year old brother too.
Things are good here. I drank water the last 2 days- no pop! I doubt that the caffeine has made this baby small for gestational age, but I was feeling kinda bad, so I abstained for a couple of days. I am now enjoying a Diet Pepsi and typing on the blog- Both things that bring me happiness. Zac is asleep too! Went right to sleep with a little back rub.
I am reading "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. Has anyone read it? I have trouble sleeping at night when I read it before bed. It is very thought provoking for me, makes me dream weirdness. I am only on page 130. I was wondering what everyone else thought.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Playdates and new friends

Today there was a special at the Explorium which is a great place for kids to explore here in Lexington. Admission was only $1 per person and parking was free. It was a lot of fun.

On Jenna's first day of school, there was another new boy in her class. They ended up sitting together. Well they have become best of friends. His name is Isaac. His family actually moved in down the street just after Christmas for a job opportunity. We had a playdate Saturday, dinner last night and went to the Explorium today. My kids love her kids and her, Angie. We all get along really well! I feel at home with her.
The kids did really well, I thought. It wasn't too crazy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where has nap time gone?

"a rare occasion" -for Jenna Zac too!?
taken March 2008

I have always loved nap time -not just quiet time, or rest time- but nap time. It's a nice break. I can take a shower until the hot water is gone (very green of me, I know), read, call a friend, blog, or take a nap myself. It's like an hour or so to reclaim sanity. Knowing that they are asleep, so sweet and peaceful is very good for my soul. (deep breath)
Jenna gave up her nap at about the time Zac was born at age 2. She was one of the rare few that didn't nap during 3 and 4 year old preschool- drove the teachers nuts for the same reason that I love naps. She just laid on the cot, waiting to be able to get up, finding it impossible not to talk to herself. Zac, however, has been a better napper. Sleeping longer than 45 minutes and waking up converted from tired monster to sweet(ish), playful boy until bedtime.
Now that Jenna is in school. It has just been the 2 of us, easy right?! Not. Jenna (although I miss her) is essentially gone from the house from 7:20 to 3pm. Zac has been near awful, I will continue to blame the adjustment of the move and try not to think that I have gone terribly wrong as a parent!. Even with a planned, structured day of eating, cleaning together, playing puzzles, cars, dinosaurs, lunch, play dough, etc, the day is mediocre when he doesn't nap. He is fighting nap tooth and nail, even though the monster in him is telling me that he needs a nap at about 12:00. He starts being mean to the dog, yelling at me, gets wound up, he just gets plain mean. (I am that way too when I am tired. Don't they know that one day they will embrace a nap!?) I read that 75% of 3 year olds still nap, then drop to only 25% at age 4! I wanted those 7 more months for him to be in the majority! Just nap. I guess I should be grateful that he didn't give up his naps at 2.
It's funny. I remember a first-time-mom in early labor telling me that she hadn't been able to sleep well toward the end of the pregnancy...unwanting to, but waking up early and unrestfulness, uncomfortable nights. We speculated that perhaps that is preparation for the new baby...unrestful nights and all. Zac is preparing me again for uncomfortable, not so leisurely days and nights that are catered to a new baby's needs. Reminding me that I cannot control all things. Structured and planned or not, some days are just better than others, nap or no nap. Some days there is no time for sanity or more appropriately serenity. That or I should find it somewhere else or look harder. "Enjoy the journey" right? Adjustments and optimism are needed when parenting, aren't they!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today Jenna started back to kindergarten. I worried about surprise of course. Last night I put her to bed at 8ish, at 11:30, she was still awake, thinking... I laid with her a while and rubbed her back and let her talk. She was so excited about her new school. Especially the cafeteria and new kids, she said. She wanted to know about the teacher, and if I could go in with her because she wasn't sure what to do and where to go, also "I am not shy with you" she said. She was a little upset though because , "I can't count very high." So sweet. At 3:30 Zac woke up as per usual (one time is a huge improvement). I was rubbing his back and heard Jenna softly say, "mommy" in a not so groggy voice. She was still having a hard time sleeping! "Is it ever going to be morning?" I was worried that she would be an emotional, irritable wreck this morning and through the long day, but she was excited when I woke her up, even though it was still dark out and she was confused that no one would be there. It was a smooth morning.

She was assigned to an alternate school because hers was full. Thankfully Steve doesn't start work until this Wednesday so he was able to keep Zac while I got things squared away. There were actually a few families that had moved over the holidays, so the office was busy with the new students. even with their business, the people were so nice. I couldn't have asked for a better situation. I loved Jenna's teacher! Come to find out, she is the most commonly requested kindergarten teacher. No wonder. I told her that Jenna had been doing 1/2 days in Utah, and the obvious stress of a move, new house and baby coming were all big for her. She said "we are just gonna love her!". That is exactly what I wanted to hear, of all things, that was it! Steve and I feel so blessed that she had such an awesome day. When I picked her up, she was so happy. And again the people were so genuine and nice. The people here make me want to be better. Anyway, without much prompting she talked the whole way home about her day. She said. "I want to go everyday and I want to live here forever!" What a relief!
Steve and I are so happy about the ward, the people have been so friendly. In fact there is a mom in the ward whose kids go to Jenna's school, and she has been so helpful, she called twice to see how the day went. We are so please too with the school and that situation there. I am so glad that she has a teacher and aide that will love her and communicate to me what she needs the most help with. We feel very blessed and watched over.

By the way the soup at school was delicious and Jenna drank chocolate milk for her bones. The cafeteria was all that she had imagined!

Friday, January 2, 2009

The three C's

In the past few days I have been thinking about something that I read from a book of Sheri Dew's years ago. She talks about the three C's, and how they are trouble in our lives. They are Criticizing, Comparing and Competing. Criticism directed at ourselves and others is obvious why it is troublesome. I have been thinking about the comparing thing too. I wonder, "why the heck can't my child just be well mannered?", "how come Steve and I are going nuts at a restaurant when the people next to us with kids are so happy and calm?", or "why do I gain weight in my butt and legs?"; Blah, blah, blah...the list goes on in regards to any given aspect of life.
I am trying this New year to remember these three Cs and to love myself and my kids for who we are, as imperfect and unique as we may be. To try my best as a mom and wife and not to beat myself up for not being whatever I think that I should be. As far as competing, -I am not so bad at that, thankfully I don't have that burning desire to be the best with the best-, maybe I will work that another more games with Steve and the kids!
Anyway, as I consider the changes that I want to make in my life and in our home, I am going to try to remember the basics and start back there again. Love others and myself.
Happy New Year to all!