Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing groundbreaking

 I have been lacking creative juices. Even the  thoughts in the shower are hardly worth mentioning. Is it true that I was more creative when I was sleep-deprived on night shift? It's like how some artists perform better and come up with better ideas, lyrics and poetry when they are strung out. I am not sure that I am mentally healthier post partum than I am on night shift though.
 I have nothig profound or groundbreaking, nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that Jenna is growing up and a lot of fun. My neighbor told me that her dentist-brother said there is a relationship between initial tooth eruption and maturity. (I haven't seen the research) The sooner a baby gets teeth, the sooner they hit puberty. Great!!, Jenna got her first tooth the week she was 4 months old. There is no point to that statement except that it made me think that she is growing up and more growing up is coming. She had school pictures again. I may scan her and Zac's in later. 
 I have enjoyed this nice weather and have taken an interest in the trees and pruning them and hopefully not to the point of killing them. They are apparently red plums that have been dormant. I hope that I didn't wake a sleeping, messy giant, but they are a little less unruly-looking now.
 We have been geocaching, I really enjoy that. The GPS unit is finicky, and even though we drove for a hour+ and once we reached our destination there were some guys shooting their guns and we couldn't find the "treasure", we still had fun.
 What else? ...the baby is sleeping better at night. Like 9-4am. 'Tis sweet to sleep. He is 5 months now!
 Daylight-savings is responsible for 2 days of tardies for the near truant kids. I dropped out, no flunked out, of the 5 o'clock club and right now, I don't even feel bad about it.
 I finally broke down after 6 months of regrowth and got my hair done and now I have a mullet, but my roots are gone. The girl who did my hair was a breath of fresh air, except that she gave me a questionable cut. A dear friend hooked me up with MK, and I testify that it is the best! Thank you!
 Gage is rolling. He likes to go to the left more than the right. Once he gets to his belly, he is so proud. He is, hands down, the cutest, most smiley, dimply baby ever! I am not partial!
 Zac is into basketball. We have a b-ball goal that is adjustable. Steve got a ball and lowered the goal, now our driveway is the best part of the neighborhood, at least to about 4-5 little boys.
 Trev is beautiful and his eyes are looking greenish.
 Steve is getting fit and feeling good.
 I start "Feel great in 8" again next week. I lost 13 pounds last time. 13 more would be amazing. I have a pair of pants that I would love to be able to zip up without laying down.
 I am paying out the nose in childcare and it makes me crazy.
 Work is good at the clinic, but I miss my girls in Lexington...and the babies. I do miss labor and delivery, but this job is much less stressful, although it is surprisingly busy.
 Oh, and yes! My mom is coming next week!

I love my family and am grateful for the change of seasons.

Geocaching to Eagle Mtn. I love Zac's folded ear!
Jenna picture day morning . All of her jeans, minus 2 pair have holes in the knees. This is her trademark.

Not eating solids yet, but so cute in the highchair.

Jenna and Zac found on the back deck, made a picnic in honor of the weather. I love how the old dirty rug is a plate.