Saturday, December 29, 2012


Zac getting some serious speed in 14 seconds.
Trev, Steve, and Sunny
We went to Grandma's today and had fun sledding on the hill in their back yard.
The weather was not too cold, and there is still plenty of snow. That was awesome!


Zac and Steve

Christmas Cheer

There are some things that make Christmas
undeniably enjoyable for me...
1. the story and the music
2. children and  their spirit....
3. Food!

4. Snow
5. Family Togetherness
Christmas morning came after a few short hours of sleep. Jenna. for  the 2nd year in a row really had a hard time falling asleep. Finally at midnight I left Jenna's room. Then, Steve and I assembled some stuff and started to set out the gifts. At 1 pm, Steve was guarding the stairs...good thing because Jenna was on her way up to see if Santa came. At 2:15 my head no sooner hit the pillow that Jenna was whispering to me that Santa came! Go to bed until at least 6am, I demanded.
 At  6, there she was again. We agreed on 30 more minutes seeing that no one else was awake.
At 6:30am Jenna and Zac came to get us. They reported that Santa brought Legos for Zac and an Easy Bake oven for Jenna. They woke up Trev, and Steve got Gage from his room. Then the present- parade began. It was fun. We all had a nice Christmas! Thank you to all that take the time and generosity to send out cards and packages. We have such good and giving family.
Thank you so much for making our Christmas merry!
  We wish we could have been with my family too.
We were able to travel to Blanding Christmas and play with family there for a couple of days. It was fun and we are again grateful for our family!

PJ Party Christmas Eve

Mom sent out a "pajama party" for Christmas. We opened it Christmas Eve. The party came complete with jammies, slippers, robes, movies, books, and pillow pets.


Thank you, Maw! Love you.

Gingerbread Houses

We didn't feel as festive this Christmas season for some reason, but we did do the traditional Gingerbread kits. I am glad that we did.
The kids had a great time decorating them and eating the candy and icing.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Carol at the Hale

I love the theater.
It is always a very fun experience for me.
I am always impressed by the talents of others.
 For my birthday, Regina gave me a gift certificate to the Hale Center theater.
 I took the big kids this year to see
The Christmas Carol.
 It was a truly great performance.
The kids thought it was awesome. Jenna sat on the edge of her seat and was enthralled.
 They also felt very fancy. We dressed up and went to the Olive Garden afterward.
 What a fun night with my big kids.
 I am grateful that we went together!
 Thank you, Regina and dad.
I am excited to go again!


Scroll all the way to the bootom of the page for an awesome video.
 For a fun project, kids, ages 3-12, were filmed answering questions regarding Christmas. It is awesome.
 Trev is quite the character. Jen and Zac are in the video as well.

Trimming the tree

  This holiday season has really snuck up on us. We decorated the tree just a week ago tomorrow.
The kids had fun. After they decorated it with the ornaments, Jenna and Zac stood by and hummed "O' Christmas Tree" while admiring it. I think I laughed out loud. They did a nice job.
"Merrry Christmas, Charlie Brown!"