Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cook out

Last night, we drove up into the hills a little ways and had a cook out with tin foil dinners. Steve prepared them while I slept after working the night before. We also made smores. Jenna told scary stories, and Zac threw a lot of rocks. The kids liked collecting all the wood. The kids wouldn't go on an "adventure" (hike) with me and find "gold treasures" (spent bullet shells). Steve said "you can't blame them, there's a fire." It was nice out there. Once it was dark and we were eating smores, we even heard some coyotes off in the distance howling. The kids thought that was cool, almost as cool as Steve thought it was. Anyway, it was nice. We love the mountains and the public land. We were glad to be able to squeeze that in at the end of November, it was nice weather.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lexington, Logan, Waiting and Decisions

Steve went to Lexington, KY on Monday and despite a horrible trip of missed flights and forgetting his toiletries, the 4 hours of interview and lunch were good. He liked the company. The benefits are amazing. Of course I like that it is only 2 hours from home, esp in light of having a new baby. Also I still have family and friends of the family there and connections. I have always loved Kentucky; it is just a part of me and who I am. I have always loved an old farm house on green rolling hills. We are awaiting an offer after he gets his background check.
Yesterday we went for an interview with a small firm in Logan, Utah. This firm invited me to come to the interview too. That was different, but nice. The hard part is that they do an obscene amount of tax returns and put in 80-85 hours a week! I really liked Logan. I loved that it was more rural and agricultural. It was more country than I know Utah to be. There are plenty of Canyons and Bear lake is close. And of course the mountains to run around and play in. It's the best of both worlds in terms of outdoor opportunities and the "look" of it all. They said it would be 2 weeks before they were done interviewing. We have friends there too (Sorry Cansas, it was last minute, and I had to be back for work that night. We weren't able to make it happen to see you all!) Also Steve's sister and her fam are 2 hours away from Logan.
Thanks again Liss!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tucsan, AZ

Steve had a face to face interview in AZ this past week. Tucsan is in southern AZ. We drove down Weds, spent the day Thursday, and returned in time for me to work Friday night. The trip was closer to 10 hours with just a few stops to eat and stretch.
The interview went well. Steve thought they were a professional and also fun firm. They will respond by letter as to an offer or not. We were pleased they paid for the gas and hotel. They also treated Steve to a nice lunch.
We agreed that it was beautiful and an appealing place to live, but not exactly what I expected. I figured that it would be a hotter, brown Utah, but Utah doesn't have the thick cacti that was there in Tucsan. An appealing part of staying in the the West was that there is plenty of public land to ride four wheelers, camp, hike and be active, and hunt for Steve. Plus, I am beginning to believe that my body needs sunshine! But the cacti and desert shrubs are so think there that you have to go to a designated camp spot anyway and have to find a place to ride the wheelers or even hike. Plus the idea of buying a few acres would be in the distant future. It was unique to me and the homes are attractive. Very Southwest and stucco looks beautiful there. Mountains surround the area. By the way I wanted to point out that the Sonora desert was not all brown. There was a lot of green vegetation, and even grass at the parks and in a few yards. Being from the Midwest, this was a big deal! The cacti were so fun to see everywhere. At the park, we had to constantly remind Zac to stay on the trail and "watch where you are going!" because just off the trails were cacti of many variety. The tall ones, the saguaro were speckling the mountains like evergreens would on the Cedar mountain.
All in all it was a nice mini-vacation. We swam even though it was a high of 74 and got down to the high 40's at night. Jenna and Zac both thought that they would like to live there in the hotel with the pool! We went to the Sonora Desert Museum that was awesome. The kids loved the cave!
It was fun for them and the trip was sweet in the van. It was a nice get-away.
We are glad for these experiences. Next week, monday, Steve flies for a face to face interview in Lexington,KY.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween at Grandad and Grandma's House.

I had to work Fri-Sun night this past weekend. Steve and the kidos went to his parents in Blanding. They had a blast.
When they arrived Julene had folding chairs set up in front of the TV and clips from the spooky scenes of Disney movies for the kids to watch while they ate popcorn and suckers. After that they made "spider cider" which was apple juice poured over dry ice for the smoke and sprinkled with spiders all in a cauldron for Jenna to stir her "potion". They loved the spider cider drink! Grandma Julene had "brains and worms" to eat which was spaghetti with meat sauce. Jenna was wary...but Steve said that she should have had a headache that night because of all the smiling.
Steve dressed them in their costumes. I love my fancy witch and happy skeleton! They went to Steve's Grandparents in Blanding, Grannie and Grandad Great.
They trick or treated in his neighborhood, walking the streets with their grandad and daddy. Jenna told me that Zac was wild and that he was ready to walk in the peoples' houses.
After they trick or treated, they ran to answer the door for trick or treaters at Grandma's. Steve said that Jenna was precise and only gave a piece or 2, and Zac was generous giving a whole handful..that he loved the trick or treaters!
The next day they raked the yellow Fall leaves. It was a huge pile. They loved playing in the leaves.
Jenna also came home with lots of fun crafty things that her and grandma worked on.
How fun, Julene. The kids had a blast and Steve enjoyed the visit too!
We had the crappie and walleye fish tonight.