Friday, June 27, 2014

Indiana Trip Summer 2014

It has been 3 years since the kids have been to Indiana. Thanks to a tax return, the kids and I were able to fly to Indiana for 10 days this summer. The goal was to have my kids be with and make memories with my relatives, especially their cousins.

Mission accomplished! It was a fun time.


I am not going to lie and tell you that I was cool as a cucumber. I was nervous to fly with the kids. Overall, they did well. I was most nervous that Gage or Trevor would have to move their bowels on the plane- both need assistance wiping and both like to be totally nude to "make". Thankfully it was never an issue. The kindles weren't great on the plane because there was not WiFi and I didn't  have the movies downloaded to the devices. I packed baggies of treats and some activities that got us by. We laid-over in Denver before flying into Louisville. Mom and Aunt Donna were there to pick us up. 

Gage was a happy flier for the most part. I still thought his shirt should say "Ornery every day" instead of "Lucky every day" because even though he flew well, he was not very friendly with strangers. 
Jenna and Zac did well and were very good on the plane. I had them sit in front of me and the littles. 

Trev was not a happy flier. This was heartbreaking. He kept insisting that we were "going down." When I touched him to console him he said that it made "it worse". I felt helpless. The people around us were concerned, too. Once the plane leveled out, he did better. 
He coped best with a blanket over his head. I feared that each flight he would have worsening anxiety. However, it did not seem to get worse.

Layover in Denver

Papaw's Pool

Papaw Donn's pool was amazing. So fun to go and play. When we got tired, we headed home. 

L-R (My cousin) Jack, Mason, Jackson, Zac, and Barron. 

He should float!

"Ah, this is the life"

Mason and Trev palled around. Trevor loved it. Also, Papaw's pool is where Trevor become comfortable in the water. 

This is my favorite pic! L-R: Jackson, Trevor, Mason, Gage, Jenna, Bailey, Brodee, Barron, and Zac. They all changed so much in 3 years!

Time with Pa

Pa gave the kids a couple of dollars for the concession stand. They were in heaven. 

We went to Crystal Beach public pool with Pa and Regina. It was fun to play keep-away on teams. The big slide was fun. I even went down. At the end, it started to pour down rain- that was cool. 

Miniature Golf
"Put-put golf" in the humidity that we are not accustomed! Gage thought he might melt. 

Mason had 3 hole-in-ones! He is such an athlete! And a tad bit competitive- it runs in the blood. 

This smart guy found the only shade on the course. 

L-R: Jackson, Jenna, Barron, Trevor, Mason, Gage, and Zac
Haha- Trev looks miserable. 

Mason 1st, Mom 2nd, me 3rd
Mom was nervous to be standing on the table. It was necessary for effect!

We went to DQ after mini-golf

The Kentucky Science Center

We watched a video about the Last Reef.

Although the picture does not imply any problems, it was just after this that Gage was a holy terror and we decided to call it a day at the science center. 

After the Museum, we went to Joe's Crab Shack
Trev is catching a ride with Uncle Buddy

Picture by the Ohio River after lunch. Mom and Donna were nervous they would fall in. 

Lightening Bugs
The kids loved this. It was the perfect condition for catching lightening bugs. Jackson and Zac collected the most. 

Hanging out with Family
Aunt Carrie's jetted tub

No surprise that Jenna liked the dog, Buddy. 

Panorama of the kickball game at Kirchner park with the family. 47 f of us! This pitch-in was awesome. Most of mom's family was there. It was a celebration of family and especially the visitors from Utah. :-). We felt so loved.
After some kickball, Tommy pitched  to his daughter Dani ( a collegiate softball athlete) and to me. Felt good- I've still got it! :-) Buddy and I played horse. Zac had fun playing corn hole, and the other kiddos liked going for a walk with mom around the pond. PS: the food was awesome too!

A little Corn-hole.

Taking care of their balloon babies

Mason and Trev

Selfie in the Van. We didn't officially fit, but we made it work. 

Mom signed Zac up for Shawe basketball camp. This is my old stomping ground. It was fun to see Zac playing there. He went with Barron's group. 

Barron and Zac
Aunt Carrie and Uncle Buddy bought Gage a turtle shell

Papaw Donn making crosses. Papaw has been doing this for as long as I can remember. He takes them and gives them to men in prison, to those who need to especially feel of God's love, and as a gift to anyone. 

We went to visit Papaw Artie. We had lemonade, visited, and saw his garden. My kids had not seen him since they were little. It had been years.  

Maw took the kids to the Dollar General to pick out a gift. #rotten

After Mason's ball game, we went to McDonald's for ice cream with Buddy, Carrie, dad, mom, and the kids. This is the parking lot at McDonalds. 

At the Rucker sport complex

Ma's House

A rolley polley!

Target practice

The Water Party

Water Balloon fight! We painstakingly filled and tied these balloon, then guarded them from eager hands until the balloon fight. 

Then it was over, just like that. It was a great time. I got to know my nephews more. I love them and I love that the kids could play and make memories. The flight home went well. Despite Trev being scared, he found a way to cope and did well. He just kept his head covered most of the time, but especially during take off.
It was good to be back with Steve in Utah, but there will always be a piece of my heart in Indiana!