Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls' Night- Eclipse...loved it!

"Mutts Howl, Men growl" and "Cullen...Bite me already"

Since Lissa found out that we were moving, we have planned the night of the Eclipse premier. She has had the tickets for weeks. Last night we donned our Team Edward shirts (how could she love Shark Boy?) and went out while the men had the kiddos (actually Steve spent the eve with Kevin painting after all were snug in bed). We went to PF Changs and ate like champs, strolled the mall, and went out the the theater to wait in line. It was a beautiful night so that was nice. There were people dressed like the newborns and you can see a pic of a couple of gals dressed like Victoria. There were Team Jacob supporters and Team Edward supporters and even some Debbie Downers who must secretly love Twilight because why else would you come at 9:30pm(our arrival) or earlier for the 12:02 showing?
Anyway, we were seating by 10:15 and waited and talked until the movie started. The Movie was great. I am probably not intellectual enough to write a review worth while, but I will put in my 2 cents: 5 stars (or whatever the best is). My favorite so was my favorite book too. It made we want to reread the series.
So this is us. Yes, I am prego but am not due for months, which is frankly depressing considering my amount of chins and dimpled cheeks. Oh well. It was fun! Thanks Lissa!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We drove for days, and we made it!

We have been in sunny Utah for 8 days now. Things are going well.
The drive: We did 400+ miles day 1, 500 and 500 day 2 and 3, and only 200 miles the last day- so we drove the better part of 4 days. The drive out was difficult for me, as a result we were slower. My friend said that Nebraska and Wyoming will do that to ya. Thanks Tiff, maybe that was it! It was long and emotional and tiring, on a happier note the kids did awesome, and Steve was the forever optimist...even the dog did great. I did enjoy the pool each night. The pools were all surprisingly very warm, and the kids were little fish in the water after riding all day.
I wish that I would have taken a picture of the van and truck on the way out. We were regular hillbillies. This time around we did not get a u-haul truck, only a trailer for our family of 5! We sold a lot of our furniture and hoped for the best. At the end of the loading day, we had to leave behind several things and had mattresses rigged to the top of the truck bed (that was already full) and on top of the van. Our friends in KY that are irreplaceable took care of what we left behind via craigs-list, charity and the dump. I know that Annie also went over and tidied up a bit more. THANK YOU FRIENDS.
By the time we got to Utah, there were only strips of battered plastic on the twin mattress that hung for dear life, and it is permanently deformed from the wind beating on it..but perfectly usable, just ask Jenna. Everything else made it just fine, in fact many were impressed at the amount of stuff that we fit given the limited space.
Before I venture too far into the land of Utah and things here, I wanted to point out that it was through not just 1 or 2 people, but through many that prayers were answered. Little angels, if you will. Thank you! I will record those feeling in my journal of knowing that despite the size of the world, that He was aware of little me driving across desolate plains and starting again. Thank you to all that stay close enough to God that they can be impressed and prompted in ways that bless others in great ways. It is by small and simple things...
The last day was a short one, and very good. We weren't too far into Utah when Steve and I both thought to call each other and say how beautiful it was and how everything was going to be great. Utah really is beautiful. Jenna loved riding through Provo canyon. She thought it was beautiful and wanted to have our house planted somewhere in the trees of the mountain. The phrase from a familiar song popped into my head, "There is beauty all around..."
We have received a warm welcome from family and our Ward here, and the kids are adjusting very, very well so far. The house has great space, and we are excited to make it our home. Thank you to Lis and Christian for bending over backward for us. Also thanks to Steve's bros for all the manual labor!!! The sun is shining everyday and even though it is in the 90's, there is no humidity. The mountains are gorgeous! Orem is a nice town. Jenna's school is only a couple of blocks away, and Walmart or Target are both under 3 miles from the house! Woot Woot! Oh and Costa Vida is just as delicious as I remembered!
In the past 8 days can you believe that life has just carried forward! The kids have had 4 days of swim lessons and love it. Steve has replaced sprinkler heads, put the tramp up, arranged furniture, put together a book shelf, and done more lawn work. We have cleaned, painted and created a playroom for the kids. We have found and transported quality used furniture (ksl classifieds are awesome!). We have the internet now, and have played ample Rock Band and Wii. Plus all the other dreaded stuff that comes with unpacking and job hunting- Ugg! It has been work and fun. Pictures to come of the house, and the swimmers.
Thank you to everyone for your help before, during, and even still, after, the move. We are blessed to have good friends, kind church members, and loving family!