Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Time 2014

Merry Christmas

Getting in the Christmas Spirit at Lissa's Surprise 30th Birthday Party

Getting festive with outdoor lights! The kids likes helping. 

Gage's Christmas program. <> He was a stinker. 

Post-program pic

Oh Christmas tree... we finally found you. We actually went to another lot or 2 and settled on this one from Lowe's. Jenna insisted on a "full" tree. Steve and I insisted on not paying an arm or a leg. it is. 

Santa came to my work party. Gage was convinced he was a fake, and wouldn't sit on his lap. (He was scared of him, truth be told...that and we have watched Elf too many times!)

Christmas lights display at Thanksgiving point. We sang Christmas carols on the way and after we ate at JCWs. 

This was a success. First we watched some of the bible story/nativity videos on, then we acted it out. The kids were surprisingly into it. Let's be honest, it was awesome. 

Santa came!
It was a white Christmas!

The kids played with their new  things and had a good day. 

It was a nice Christmas. Just very relaxing as we did not fight the snow to go to Blanding. With ALL of us out of school and me off weekends/holidays, it was awesome.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Steve's Birthday 36!

These kiddos love their daddy. No, there's not 36 candles. Don't bother counting!

This was a blast (for both of us) We had good seats to watch a good game between the Heat and the Jazz. 12/12/14

Friday, November 21, 2014

5th Grade Maturation

Jenna and her friend giggled: "We'll walk in as girls and leave as women". LOL>  Jenna IS growing up. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Shots

A collection of some happy, random shots in our lives: 2014

The boys and their moma

This is Zac's completed Lego tank that he got for his birthday from Aunt Lissa and family

This is our debut at Daybreak park. Gorgeous. 

He is rotten because he is my baby. Love him so much!

This was my birthday date. (Well we were actually in Blanding for Steve's Grannie's funeral :( for my birthday, so this was my birthday date, just a couple days later) We ate at Chili's and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Love  him. 

After I got back from DC, we went to see Ghost Buster's. It was in theaters for the 30 year anniversary. 

Gage loves Panda. Steve took him one day- just the 2 of them. 

Zac is growing up and helping out!

Jenna had Emma over to watch a Harry Potter movie. BFF

My very favorite men!

Some shenanigans


Kristi made a snowman with these boys after the first snow of  the season. 

Movie night. We made popcorn and watched Echo. 

Just because they are little studs. 

Beautiful Jenna with Sunny girl.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lost tooth

Trev lost his first tooth, then literally lost the tooth. Steve helped him write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining what happened. .
 PS. he does not want to lose anymore teeth. It was stressful. 


Saturday, November 1, 2014


L-R: Woody, Steve (Minecraft dude), Bellatric La Strange (Harry Potter Death eater), and Obi Wan. 

I had to work this day so Jenna got up, and I did her makeup at 5:20 am. She was excited to dress up for school. 

Cutest Woody EVER!

Let's Go Fly a Kite

It was a perfectly mild yet blustery November day to fly kites at Gammon Park

See those small specks in the sky? Those are the parafoil kites. We let out all 500 ft for them. They both got stuck in trees at one point, but we made it home with both. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Still in School

Practicing the cardinal moves

This was not my very first birth that I was there to catch because the doctor couldn't get there in time, but this was awesome! This was what the mom gave me the next day!

When I am tired, I read in bed with my headlight...then I fall asleep.

My expected clinical start is Jan 2015. I hope to be graduated by October 2015!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mom comes for her Fall Break 2014/ Gage turns 4!

We had so much fun. Time just flies when she is here. We do our best to squeeze in lots of fun and memories. It was so fun to have mom here.

Daybreak Park

Ma is brushing off sand from Gage's pants. Love their smiles. 

 Gage's actual birthday

 Build a Bear

Ma treated gage to his first build-a bear. This is "Captain Toothless"

 Payson Farm

The kids loved this corn pit

Petting Zoo

 Gage talks to Grandma Julene and Grandad on his birthday

 Birthday Boy

Getting Festive for Halloween

 Pumpkin Carving

Love her!

The Aquarium

 Beauty Shop

The Hale Center Theater: Damn Yankees

We were going to do a smiling selfie, but decided a weird face would turn out better! Anyway, we both LOVED this production. What a great story. 

Peruvian Restaurant with the Diaz Crew

Menches for Fro-Yo

Game Night

Left, Right, Center

Fun times with Ma! I wish we were closer. Until next time....

The Thursday before his birthday Gage celebrated at preschool