Monday, May 30, 2011

Moms and Muffins

This past Friday was "Mom's and Muffins" for Zac's class.
 Mrs Heaps is Zac's teacher this year and what a perfect match. I love her energy, structure and tolerance and even love for Zac and his perpetual motion. She told me that Zac reminds her of her grandson, and even though he is always moving, he is a good student with a good heart.

 They sang songs, had a slide show, and milk with muffins for us to enjoy. It was a nice little, casual program. Zac seemed to sing right to me. I love his smile. Yay Zacy on a great year.

Tee Ball

Tee ball
This is Zac's first year of T-ball. He had one practice and his first game was Saturday morning. The practice was comical because this was a lot of the kids' first experience with t-ball- running bases, knowing what to do with the ball, batting and deciphering between football and baseball. The kids all flocked to the ball from their various positions.
 The game was fun. I have to say it's easy to get in to- I have a competitive spirit. I loved cheering for the kids and seeing them do well. It was a lot of fun. No tears, just fun. Zac was a scrapper and did really well. He was a good little teammate too. All the kids were great. Oh, it's fun to live vicariously through your that it, or is it just that you like to see them be good at something and having fun with friends and using their bodies? Probably a little of both. Either way, I had great fun in my camp chair. The kids did great watching too, which has been my reluctance to enrolling the kids in stuff. I imagined Trev running into the field, the baby crying and Jenna off dancing around somewhere or climbing a tree. Luckily, the baby did great at the practice, and although Trev had to have a ball and glove of his own, he wasn't terribly disruptive, and Jenna played on the playground within earshot. It was fun to get out. The game was even better because Steve came and Uncle Jeff, plus we tried out the sweet Go Pod. I am going to love the Go Pod this summer!
Team Huddle with Coach Paul and Coach Ryan

First Base- "throw it to me"

"What's up Coach?"

Lovin' the GoPod for the baby. It's like a camp chair for Gage!

Monday, May 16, 2011

7 months

Bath Baby Gage- 7 months

Gage is 7 month now. What can I say, I love my babies. I love his cuddles. He is rocking on all fours, and tonight he was skooching along on his belly. He'll be crawling in no time. But, no rush to grow my baby.

Happy Day for me!

Friday, May 6th, the secretary at work brought flowers back to me, and I thought, "What is this?". It didn't dawn on me that they were for me at first. I ripped open the card, and, sure me, from Steve: "Happy Mother's Day". That was so nice, I managed to get them home, the vase only tipped once, and I only cussed them a little. The lilies and carnations in the bunch are still alive and pretty. So very nice to be loved.
Saturday was Derby day. I managed to pick the worst night of the month to go to Orem's walmart that I already hate because the lines are sooo long. I don't even try to take the kids anymore, it's just a break-down waiting to happen there. Anyway, I went the night before Mother's day. It was so packed that I opened a coke in checkout and was nearly finished by the time my stuff was scanned. I do love Coke! Saturday night I put away groceries and stayed up late getting some stuff squared away from my class (tell you later about that). I woke up Sunday morning and Steve was out of bed and the kids were up and at 'em. That, in itself, is nice that I wasn't invited. Then I awoke from drifting to 2 very cute kids, a 5 and 7 year old to be precise, that were followed by their daddy who held a tray of breakfast. Ah, breakfast in bed. Scrambled eggs that they cracked, toast, fruits (even bananas that Jenna hates and Zac loves) with cut up strawberries, yogurt, a wine glass of milk and a beautiful flower and folded napkin. They were all smiles and so proud. They had made cards and gifts at school for me. I love how pleased they were, and I love that their daddy made it happen. After I was full as can be, I went back to sleep until 10! We missed church and with 4 small kids, that is a gift in some ways! It was just such a nice day. I enjoyed my family.  Zac said,  "Maybe when it is Children's Day, you can serve me breakfast in bed." Trev told me a few times "Happy Birthday!", until he got it right! Gagey would smile and slime my face with a slobbery kiss...and I love that from my baby!
Love them!
 PS: Happy Mother's Day, belated, to all mommies. What a hard job! Love you, MOM!

Derby On

Saturday May 7, we had a Derby party at Lissa's. When we lived in Indiana, we were lucky enough to go to the Derby. I remember wearing a hat and until I got there, I felt like a total nerd, but then when you walk in to Churchill Downs, a hat is a must. 1/3 of the fun is that fashion of Derby and the hats, 1/3 of the fun is seeing those strong beautiful animals run 40 mph, and the last 1/3 is betting and cheering for a winner. The excitement and energy is huge! That year was Calvin Borel's fist Derby win, so ever since we have been his best fans, well at least in Utah.

 We had a party a few years ago, and again this year, at Lissa's house. We all know by now that Lissa is an amazing host, and that Steve's family likes getting together and can appreciate a good pitch-in. I didn't get many pictures, but it was fun. Steve made Derby pie, that was chocolaty goodness, and we had virgin, strawberry mint juleps that were yummy too. There were games and door prizes to boot. The winner was Animal Kingdom. Too bad Calvin, maybe next year little guy!