Monday, November 18, 2013

Disney on Ice!

Last year I wanted to go to Disney on Ice but didn't pursue it. This year, Lissa and I thought we shiuld do it. We got tickets and made a date!
 Nov 7th: we met at Red Robin in SLC and then went over to Disney on Ice at Energy Solutions center. We had great seats. The kids were entertained and enjoyed themselves.It was fun for all of us. We should do that again!

Red Robin- Yum!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jazz Fans?

Steve hopped in his truck after work and turned on the radio. The radio guy said to "meet at the BYU Bell tower to claim your prize....". That is all the more details Steve heard, but seeing that the Bell Tower was just around the corner, he thought he'd go ahead and try to claim is "prize". He was the first one there and they were going to give him the prize, but were unhappy that he didn't even know what he was winning. Another guy pulled up shortly thereafter and said he was there to claim Jazz season  tickets! Steve was bummed that he didn't know/win. The radio guys must have felt bad because they asked for Steve's email to a consolation prize.
 A week or 2 later, Steve had 2 seats to every Jazz home game delivered to his Flash-seat account. Yes, they are in the nose-bleed section, but that is OK. Steve has had a blast. He has taken Kevin, a buddy from work, me, and Zac so far. On games that he cannot go, he transfers them to Kevin and or Jeff.
 Too bad the Jazz aren't very good this year. Still, it's awesome to see them, and especially their better ranked opponents.

The game that Steve took Zac to was super fun for Zac. Steve bought him a Hayward shirt to start to wear. When they got there he had fun treats. He loved the big screen, the time-out entertainment, and the mascot. The bummer is that he was DEVASTATED when the Jazz lost. Still not sure why he took it so hard.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Break in Blanding.

Blanding Fall Trip
Truth be told, we did very little over Fall break in Orem- painted pumpkins, ate pizza, watched TV, and played in the neighborhood. Steve and I both had work, but the weekend of fall break and 2 days into the next school week, we went down to Blanding.

 Fishing, mountain drives, and fun food were a part of the fun. They kids had a great time! In fact, Trev loves going to Blanding and talks about moving there. It was the opening of the deer hunt, so Grandma and Grandpa were there, and so was Van and Sean.

This trip I went fishing, too. I can see how time passes and the enjoyment that fishermen experience. It was fun...and we all caught a fish. It was cool because it was first day of the deer hunt, so we could hear gun shots occasionally as we floated along on the reservoir.


We did every puzzle that was age- appropriate that we could find at Grandma's.

On the road home, Monticello, UT

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love Fall and the Halloween festivities.

We tried our hand at painting pumpkins this year. It was fun. They all were quite into it.

  The weekend before Halloween we had a Halloween party at Lissa's. It was fun as always.

 This year we got a late start Trick or Treating, but the kids loved it anyway. We went a lone as a family. Because it was dark out when we went around the neighborhood, I couldn't get any good pictures with my camera.

Afterward, we watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown as per tradition while the kids sorted and bartered their candy loot.

 This year Jenna and Zac were both Zombies. Mom  sent out a lot of costumes that she git a hold of through the preschool. It was awesome for the kids to have so many options. Trev decided to be Mario.  Gage, who can be found dressed-up on a daily basis, refused to wear a costume. He wore sweats and told everyone that he was a Ninja Turtle.

Closer to Halloween, we got our Winco pumpkins (not as cheap this year, though) and carved them at the kitchen counter. It was fun. Trevor is funny. He still does not like to touch the guts and never has liked it.

We also made caramel apples. Yummo